20-06-2018 Interactive Session with CHQ President at FBR

An interactive session was organized at Flower bazaar canteen at 17.00 hrs on Wednesday the 20th June 2018 in connection with the visit to Chennai of our CHQ president Com.Sivakumar. Though finalized suddenly in the early hours of Wednesday, the meeting was well attended by our enthusiastic comrades. A clear picture of what is in store for the Executives in the days to come was explained by our CHQ president. All those present appreciated the Flower bazaar team for excellent arrangements.


07.06.18 AGB Meeting of Anna Road Branch was condcuted

The AGB of AIBSNLEA-ARD Branch was conducted at 17.00 Hrs on 06-06-2018, in the 1st Floor of Anna Road Telephone Exchange complex. The meeting was attended by our CP, CS, FS, V.P Com.V.UlagaNathan, ACS Com.S.Elango, ACS Com.K.Rajnarayanan, ACS Com.P.Ramalingam, ACS Com.S.Jaikumar, CEC-member Com.P.Ananthi, AFS Com Vijayan  and CEC Member Com Venkatesan .

CS in his speech appreciated the active involvement of AIBSNLEA members during the recent PRC struggle. The issues of importance like 3rd PRC, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and the CPC to various grades were highlighted by the CS, FS Com.V.Gurumurthy, ACS Com.Raj Narayanan and our Circle President. The stand of AIBSNLEA was clearly explained to members during the interactive session.

Various points were discussed specific to Central Business Area on the Finance front and it was decided to prepare a comprehensive report by the Branch for perusal with the Central Administration. Members also expressed their anguish over staff shortage, lack of infra structure, etc., in Marketing, Accounts & Commercial section apart from the External Units, that was assured to be taken up at Circle level to achieve the best possible result.

As part of the proceedings, election of new office bearers was held and the following are the constituent of new body.

1 Branch President Sri.D.Kumaresan DGM 9444928600
2 Branch vice President Sri.R.Karthik SDE 9444961176
3 Branch Secretary Sri.C.R.Narasimhan JAO 9445434379
4 Asst.Branch Secretary Sri.S.Varadarajulu SDE 9444934747
5 Finance Secretary Sri.V.P.Elangovan AO 9445155757

 Finally vote of thanks was delivered by Com.S.Jayakumar ACS.

04.06.18 Best Wishes to Officers retired on Superannuation on 31.05.2018


Com.Uma Rammohan,DE SP being honoured by AIBSNLEA Chennai on the eve of her retirement on VRS.



Com.E Sridharan Sr. AO being honoured by AIBSNLEA Chennai on the eve of his super annuation on 31.05.2018


Smt. Meenakshi DE ARD Extl honoured on her superannuation on 31.05.18 on behalf of AIBSNLEA Chennai.


Sri A.Johnson AGM Infra Billing RK Nagar was honoured on his superannuation on behalf of AIBSNLEA Chennai.

AIBSNLEA Chennai Telephones wishes a Happy and Healthy retired life for all the retired Comrades.