01.05.2023 May Day wishes

AIBSNLEA Chennai TD Wishes a Wonderful May Day, which is marking the unity of all Workers across all sectors.

Today is also the Foundation Day (01.05.2004) of AIBSNLEA, the only Association of its kind, bringing together all the Executives of Engineering/Accounts/ PA/PS/OL/Electrical /Civil/Architectural/TF etc under one umbrella.

28.04.2023 First CEC Meeting after CC was conducted ahead of CWC Meet

Full day First CEC Meeting of AIBSNLEA Chennai TD was conducted at Jeevana Jyoti Hall, Egmore on 28.04.2023. All the Branch Office Bearers and Circle Office Bearers attended the meeting. Resp. PGM (HR&Admin/ CFA/ TXM-TXI), Shri V.S. Ilanthirai ITS was the Chief Guest of the function and PGM elaborated on the current broad Trends in Telecom Industry and position of BSNL in Indian Telecom Sector.

Circle Secretary put forth the First CEC report after Circle Conference, detailing activities done by AIBSNLEA CHTD till date followed by Financial Report by Finance Secretary. After that, Branch Level Reports were presented by Branch Secretaries and deliberations were given by all the participants. Majorly, the points to be highlighted in the proposed CWC Meet at Delhi on 06.05.2023, were discussed in detail. Role of each Branch and Members to contribute and perform well in the upcoming MVP was highlighted by CS.

10.02.2023:  CS along with CP, FS and ACS met PGM Finance, PGM HR, DGM FC and CAP FC

CS along with CP, FS and ACS met PGM Finance, PGM HR, DGM FC and CAP FC and discussed regarding

          – Issues arisen after local transfer orders in finance cadre, proper utilisation of manpower, streamlining all finance verticals, posting of adequate officers in shortage of wings viz. GSM, Business Areas, centralised FTTH vendor payment processing unit, strengthening TR units.

-Merger of Pay and TR wings

– GM Entrustment of all eligible DGM Adhoc as per CO guidelines. The same already given in TN,KRL etc

– Restructring is to be implemented as per CO guidelines in CHTD for all verticals.

– Online mobile app is to be provided to all field level executives (TXM, GSM, External etc )

– Enhancing Ola mini to higher vehicles

– OTP transfers applied in last window is to be considered.