29-11-2018 Discussions with Sr.GM Finance and PGM HR

       CS,FS & ACS-Finance met Sr.GM Finance today and requested for retention of the recently promoted CAOs in Chennai itself. GM Finance agreed to send a DO letter to DIR Finance in line with the earlier one on the need to retain the officers in the interest of service and also due to the fact sufficient vacancies are available. We also discussed a few other individual cases (local issue). Later the DGM FC was met and requested to ensure all the transfer orders are implemented at the earliest without citing further reasons like Audit,etc., which was agreed.
          We also met PGM HR and discussed DE transfer and posting especially for Harbour. Additionally we reminded PGM HR on the impending meeting between Management and association that is long pending. PGM HR also confirmed that the recent JTO list displayed in respect of CPT SSA is only for information purposes and no action is proposed on that. Some request transfer cases were also discussed.

Circle Secretary, AIBSNLEA CHTD


31.10.2018 Farewell to retired members..

Com. P. Ananthi AGM CM Mktg retired on VRS on 31.10.2018. 

Com. B.Krishnamoorthi DE DLC retired on 31.10.2018.


AIBSNLEA Chennai Telephones Wishes a Happy and Peaceful Retired life for all the members and all the BSNL employees retiring from service today. Your contributions towards Association and BSNL will always be remembered.

24-10-2018 CS, FS,OS (C) met PGM HR and discussed

       As per instructions of CGM, we (CS,FS,& OS Central Com.Sivakumar) met PGM HR today and discussed in length all the points in our letter dated 25-9-2018.

Apart from this, we also explained our views on vacating Kushkumar Road premises, leasing out canteen facility in major exchanges, regular interaction between Management and Associations in line with monthly union meeting, extension of concession facilities to residential FTTH connection for Group A( below JAG) ,B,C,D officers and staff to increase our FTTH penetration, deployment of more accounts personnel in default pursuit,etc.,

The meeting lasted for about 1& 1/2 hour and the PGM HR agreed to take forward all our suggestions to GM Finance and CGM for further implementation.

<<Click Here for the Letter dated 25.09.2018>>



AIBSNLEA express its condolences to our president Com.R.Srinivasan   (CAO -Central) who has lost his ailing mother yesterday night.
We pray the almighty for the soul to rest in peace.

The address is:
New no 4.A. Old no 20 Visveswaran Street Subash Nagar (next to Radha Nagar) Chrompet Chennai 600044


AIBSNLEA express its condolences to our KKN Branch President Com. Rajagopal ( DE – KKN) who has lost his wife.

We pray the almighty for the soul to rest in peace.