15.09.20 New Office bearers met CGM

The new team of circle office bearers AIBSNLEA Chennai consisting of CP,CS,FS & two ACS ( other two ACS could not turn up due to their last minute commitment) were introduced to our CGM, GM HR & DGM HR today by the outgoing CP, CS & FS.

After honouring them with a shawl by our CS, the new team had a detailed discussion on various issues including CPT SSA transfer. CGM agreed to listen to our views before finalizing any important decisions more specifically the CPT SSA issue

We will also be meeting the Sr.GM Finance & the DGM FC in a day or two since today both were unavailable.


18-08-2020 AIBSNLEA Extends sincere thanks to all worked along with us.

My Dear Executives,

AIBSNLEA Chennai wishes to place on record its deep appreciation for effective participation of our colleagues in the MVP despite the pandemic situation.

Thanks  to CoBs, BoBs, Members, Polling/Relief Booths agents, Booth coordinators for canvassing/voting to AIBSNLEA CHTD and all the well wishers of AIBSNLEA CHTD.

Hereinafter let us move ahead for the betterment of BSNL.

Polling Status Booth wise:

Booth  Total Votes Polled Votes %age
ADYAR 17 16 94.12 Not polled-1
AMBATTUR 26 24 92.31 Not polled-2
ANNA ROAD 55 54 98.18 Not polled-1
CHENGALPET 17 11 64.71 Not polled-6
FLOWER BAZAR 73 66 90.41 Not polled-7
GUINDY 39 33 84.62 Not polled-6
HADDOWS ROAD 67 63 94.03 Not polled-4
K K  NAGAR 58 51 87.93 Not polled-7
KALMANDAPAM 14 13 92.86 Not polled-1
KANCHEEPURAM 15 14 93.33 Not polled-1
KELLYS 78 77 98.72 Not polled-1
KODAMBAKKAM 31 29 93.55 Not polled-2
R K NAGAR 38 32 84.21 Not polled-6
TAMBARAM 37 33 89.19 Not polled-4
TIRUVALLUR 15 14 93.33 Not polled-1
POSTAL BALLOT 1 1 100.00
Total 581 531 91.39