26-01-2016 Republic day Celebrations in Chennai Telephones on 26.01.16 at CGM office.


National Flag hoisted by CGM Chennai Telephones and surprisingly all GMs attended the function. All union/Association  representatives attended and addressed on the occasion of 67th Republic day celebration. Elaborate and excellent arrangement done by organisers  this year. Our CS addressed the gathering and raised the following issues.

1.For the upcoming huge flats in Chennai  Metro, for giving LL and BB service on FTTH, EB wing is not taking initiative to approach the builder and sign MOU even though Customers are interested to get BSNL service.

2.EB wing is located in a remote place(Harbour) .It must be relocated to Anna Road or Kushkumar Road for easy access to the Corporate customers and others.

3.During this function, awards are given to the officials/officers for the commendable performance with Shield and Certificates . In addition if cash awards are given to the staff , it will boost their performance and it will earn more revenue to BSNL in future.

4.Broadband team has done tremendous work during the floods in Chennai, Kanchipuram and Tiruvallur without any sub staff for shifting and reinstalling the Equipments. But in this occasion Management has not recognized the valuable contribution made by BB team. When award are given to other sections atleast one special award should have been given to BB team.

5.In ChTD 250 GSM Towers are down at a time. In AnnaNagar West area no 3G network for the last two months and 2G service also is badly affected. CS complained to all the concerned officers of GSM. But the problem is not rectified till date.

6.GSM wing must be reviewed in all aspects. Area GMs must visit the sites under their jurisdiction and sort out the issues. Faulty Batteries and Power Plants   have to be replaced/rectified in war footing manner to retain the 1.2 lakhs customers (SIM) obtained during the floods in Chennai.

7.CGM and GM (Fin) should take joint action to sort out long pending Area bills like contractors for giving better service to customers.

CS addressed other issues also in this occasion.

            Wish you a Happy 67th Republic day.