11-02-2016: CHQ NEWS

10.02.2016:  GS FS met GM (FP) and discussed regarding:

A. CPC from AO to CAO: We requested to expedite the CPC from AO to CAO. GM (FP) mentioned that the court case in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh is coming for hearing on 23rd February 2016 wherein BSNL has already submitted the reply. AGM (SEA) along with Jt. GM (Pers) will attend the hearing. In case the stay order on promotions is vacated CPC will be expedited. All the cases regarding JTO to SDE promotions, SDE to DE promotions have been tagged with this case.

B. Consideration of Request/tenure transfer cases of AOs/CAOs: We requested for consideration of request/tenure transfers of AOs/CAOs. GM (FP) mentioned that all the pending cases are under consideration and after the approval of Director (Finance) the transfer orders in this regard will be issued by the end of this week.

C.  Diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to the seniority quota: We requested to prepare a Board Memo for diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to the seniority quota posts in the next BSNL Board meeting. GM (FP) assured to take up the matter in the next Board meeting itself.