23-02-2016: 5th All India Conference at Mysore(KTK)

1. Delegate elections: The Delegates from Branches / Circles shall attend the General Body Meeting / All India Conference. Delegates per 30 PAID members or part thereof being not less than 20, subject to the minimum two per branch shall be elected by the Branches/Circles. The Circle Presidents, Circle Secretaries, CHQ Office Bearers, Advisor (CHQ), Central Working Committee Members shall be the ex-officio delegates. In addition to this the members of the various committees constituted by the CWC Kolkata will also attend the 5th AIC.

2. CHQ Quota: CHQ quota paid  up-to May-2016 for the tenure of the outgoing body shall be taken into account and membership will be calculated accordingly. Voting power per delegate shall be equal to the number of delegates justified according to the CHQ quota received during the tenure of the outgoing body divided by the number of delegates and ex-officio delegates from the Circle.  CHQ Quota and Legal fund has to be remitted before commencement of the 5th AIC.

3. Amendments to the Constitution: Notice of resolutions and amendments to the Rules and bye-laws proposed to be moved at the All India General Body meeting / All India Conference shall have to be given in writing to the General Secretary so as to reach him at least 15 days ahead of the day of meeting.

4. Delegate Fee: The Delegate Fees Rs. 1500/- Per Delegate is to be deposited by the Circles/Branches to the host circle. The lodging and boarding arrangements will be made available for the elected delegates and ex-officio delegates only. Non-delegates and observers will not be allowed.