29.04.16: Circle office Bearers meet held on 27.04.16  


Circle office Bearers meet was  held on 27.04.16 at Haddows Road complex. All the Circle office Bearers attended the meeting and chaired by Com. V.Chandrasekaran Circle President. Circle secretary presented the past events and highlighted the present CHQ and local issues. All the participants had detailed discussion and gave suggestions  for increasing Membership for improvement and growth of BSNL.

 Agitation call given by CHQ was also discussed in detail. COBs expressed their opinion that Non-Executives Members Verification Election and TN Assembly Elections are going to be held in May’ 16.CS replied that after discussion with CS Tamilnadu, agitation programmes will be conducted jointly.

 All India Conference is to be held on 16th to 18th June16 at Mysuru (KTK).CHQ  subscription Quota for two years is to be submitted before AIC. Hence CS requested Circle office Bearers to collect pending subscription from July14 to June15 and July15 to June16 before 05.05.16.As per COBs decisions like

 1.Central Settlement Cell and Corporate Accounts  are forming separate branch at Kushkumar Road.(BOBs list will be published soon).

2.BSs meeting will be conducted on 03.05.16 by CS.

3.COBs will be reassembled on 06.05.16.

and VP Com.R. Raju CAO opinion regarding retirement  point  is agreed by CS.



25.04.16: Courtesy Meeting by Circle Secretary with GM(HR&Admn) ,Chennai Telephones.

Circle Secretary met Shri.V.Prabhakar GM(HR&Admn) on 23.04.16 and welcomed him on coming back to Chennai  and discussed about the developments of Chennai Telephones.

  1. CS insisted to convene Opinion Leader meet since it was not conducted for the past one year.

  2. Marketing strategy for improvement of customer base

  3. Reviewing Customer Service centre activities for increasing LL and GSM connections.

  4. Detailed discussion about Transfer and Posting of CPT SSA.

  5. Work study for staff and officers.

  6. Lengthy discussion on the points highlighted in the letter dtd 29.03.16 given to CGM.

  7. Discussion on RF failure in Chennai Metro area.

CS conveyed that necessary support will be extended for forthcoming Members verification Election to be held on 10th May 2016 and informed GM(HR&Admn)  that  our Association will extend support for any decision taken by Management for improvement of service and  ensured that it will continue to do so in his tenure as GM(HR&Admn).




21-04-2016:Status of Court case in Hon’ble Supreme Court regarding seniority of TES Gr. “B” officers:

CHQ NEWS: The case regarding seniority of TES Gr. “B” officers was came for hearing in the Hon’ble Supreme Court on 18.04.2016. The 147 SDEs group raised their voice against the DGM promotion orders issued on 03.03.2016 and 31.03.2016 through an Interim Application (IA). Hon’ble judges on the chair did not agreed on the plea of the concerned advocates and refused to grant any interim order in this regard and adjourned that matter. The case is now expected to be heard in the first week of September 2016. 



15.04.16: Dr.B.R.Ambedkar 125th Birthday celebrations with Merit Award Function

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar  126th Birthday celebrations with Merit Award Function was held at Hall of Inspiration, Anna Road on 14.04.16 at 10 AM. Elaborately arrangement was made by Administration .DGM (Admn), GM (HR&Admn),GM(Fin) and  CGM attended and graced the occasion.CGM distributed Merit Awards & DR. B.R.Ambedkar  Memorial award to  Meritorious students .All the Union & Association leaders participated and praised the students for their performance.CGM and GM(Fin) gave inspirational speech on Dr. Ambedkar’s  contribution to downtrodden people.

Circle Secretary in his speech appreciated  SDE (SR) and SDE (welfare)  for making wonderful arrangement  for function this year. CS gave speech on Dr.Ambedkar ‘s life history starting  from his childhood days.

CS appealed to all Unions for conducting 7th verification Elections on 10th May 16 in a smooth way.


08.04.2016: Circle Secretary met DGM Finance (Hqrts) on 07.04.16

Circle Secretary met DGM Finance (Hqrts) on 07.04.16 at 14.00 hrs. The following points were discussed in detail about the outcome of earlier meeting on 09.03.16.

  1. JAO Posts are to be distributed evenly and in the places where there is requirement. Till date the problem is not solved.

  2. JAO to AO, AO to CAO LA arrangement was agreed in the last meeting by GM Finance.

            -DGM Finance replied that LA arrangement will be done at the end of  May 16                        after accounts closing.

  1. Shortage of 12 AOs will be filled up by this LA arrangement during fourth week of May16.

  2. Shri.K.Mannu and Shri.Thirumaran retention case was discussed.

            -Incoming AO will be replacing Shri.K.Mannu’s posts. Shri.Thirumaran Medical                 case is requested by CS and is under consideration with BSNL CO.

  1. Pending transfer case of JAO/AO LA cases were discussed in detail.

  2. GSM Planning is functioning at RK Nagar.  

  3.  Hence GSM Plg & Works Accounts section at FBR has to be shifted to RK Nagar for easy disposal of work and to avoid Manpower loss and time delay.

            -DGM (F) replied that officers are ready for shifting but staff  problem is there                   for shifting. Circle Secretary replied that he will take responsibility to sort out                   the issue with PGM(HR)/CGM.

   8.Smt. Nitya Madavan and Smt. Porchelvi AOs medical cases was taken up.                                   -Smt.Nitya Madavan,AO case will be taken up after expiry of her leave period.                                                      ———————-

Before meeting  with DGM (Fin) ,Circle Secretary discussed the above issues with Circle President and ACS Finance.

Circle Secretary requested to collect subscription from Members who have not given from July’20 14 to June’2015.Also requested to collect the subscription for the period from July’2015-June’2016 for remitting the CHQ quota for All India Conference to be held at Mysore on 16th June to 18th June 2016.