02-04-2016:AIBSNLEA CHTD welcomes TTA to JTO promotees

1.TTA to JTO(Offg) officers has completed Phase-I JTO Induction training, and undergoing 4 weeks Field training in CHTD from 28-03-16. 

2. Past service (i.e service rendered under Armed Forces) of the Ex-servicemen in Group C is to be considered to the extent by which their service falls short of for reckoning 7 years regular service towards eligibility for appearing in LICE conducted in the year 2013.After completion of field training they may be appointed as JTO against the vacancies for the year 2012-13 as they had appeared in the LICE in 2013 as per the provisions of RR 2001.

Congratulation to all the Officers concerned .

AIBSNLEA CHTD welcomes all the new JTOs to the Association.