31-03-2016: Farewell to Shri.D.Baskar DGM, Branch President KCM


Farewell party of Shri.D.Baskar DGM- Br.President KCM was well organized by BSNL Manammaghil Mandram KCM. All officers/officials of various Unions/Associations  attended and graced   the occasion. Circle Secretary honoured him with Shawl and momento. All the speakers praised Shri.K.Baskar DGM for his remarkable contribution from his post of JE to DGM to DOT/BSNL. He has earned tremendous revenue to BSNL by way of purchasing lands in Thirutani Division area for four Exchanges during his tenure as JTO ,value of the land at present  is in crores . CS in his speech appreciated his contribution to our Association and organization. Scrapping of un serviceable items was done by him wherever he has taken charge in different cadre , earning huge revenue to BSNL.