06.04.16: Consideration of Senior DEs for DGM Promotion w.r.to their juniors

Our GS has written letter to GM (Pers)/DIR (HR) for promotion of Senior DE to DGM w.r to Juniors who have got promotion as DGM. Seniors who were promoted in 2010 but could not join as DE for various reasons to remote circles,are affected in this issue.

GS letter is  reproduced for further details.

AIBSNLEA/CHQ/ GM (Pers)/2016 Dated. 05.04.2016


      Shri D. Chakraborty, GM (Pers.)

      BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi-110001

Subject: Consideration of Senior DEs for DGM Promotion w.r.to their juniors –reg.

Respected Sir,

                       We would like to draw your kind attention towards the DE to DGM promotion wherein some senior DEs on the pretext of their in- eligibility of service required for DGM promotion have not been considered for DGM promotion whereas their juniors having required eligible service have been considered and promoted as DGM. It has caused frustration and demoralization to these Senior DEs.

                    These DEs were promoted in the year June 2010 and July 2010 CPCs but due to distant stations transfers and their family circumstances they could not join as DE and they declined the DE promotion. Again in July 2013 they were considered and promoted as DE and they joined. Now on the pretext of less eligible service they are not considered for DGM promotion. As per DOP&T orders in case the junior is promoted to the higher post the senior should also be considered for higher post promotion by ignoring his required eligible service. For example Shri P. Udayasuriyan, SDE Chennai TD was promoted and posted to Orissa Circle in June 2010 as DE but could not join . Further he was promoted in July 2013 and joined as DE and now he is not considered for DGM promotion whereas his juniors are promoted as DGM. Many similar cases are available to be considered.

                      In view of the above, it is therefore, requested to kindly intervene in the matter so that senior DEs are promoted as DGM w.r.to their juniors immediately to provide justice.

With regards

Yours sincerely,

(Prahlad Rai) ,General Secretary

Copy to: Smt. Sujata Ray, Director (HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi-110001.