29.04.16: Circle office Bearers meet held on 27.04.16  


Circle office Bearers meet was  held on 27.04.16 at Haddows Road complex. All the Circle office Bearers attended the meeting and chaired by Com. V.Chandrasekaran Circle President. Circle secretary presented the past events and highlighted the present CHQ and local issues. All the participants had detailed discussion and gave suggestions  for increasing Membership for improvement and growth of BSNL.

 Agitation call given by CHQ was also discussed in detail. COBs expressed their opinion that Non-Executives Members Verification Election and TN Assembly Elections are going to be held in May’ 16.CS replied that after discussion with CS Tamilnadu, agitation programmes will be conducted jointly.

 All India Conference is to be held on 16th to 18th June16 at Mysuru (KTK).CHQ  subscription Quota for two years is to be submitted before AIC. Hence CS requested Circle office Bearers to collect pending subscription from July14 to June15 and July15 to June16 before 05.05.16.As per COBs decisions like

 1.Central Settlement Cell and Corporate Accounts  are forming separate branch at Kushkumar Road.(BOBs list will be published soon).

2.BSs meeting will be conducted on 03.05.16 by CS.

3.COBs will be reassembled on 06.05.16.

and VP Com.R. Raju CAO opinion regarding retirement  point  is agreed by CS.