05.05.16: Our Association Branch Secretaries meeting held at HRD complex at 13:00 hrs.

Branch Secretaries meeting is conducted Today at Haddows Road Complex at 13:00 hrs. All the Branch Secretaries attended and elaborately discussed the CFA & GSM issues in depth. The following resolutions are passed unanimously, for submission to Chief General Manger,Chennai Telephoes.

  1. CGM ChTD and GM(Fin) gave commitment that TNEB bills (MSU/RSU/DLC AND GSM Sites) will be effected through ECS(ICICI Bank) during earlier meet in Feb’2016.But this important issue is not yet resolved even after commitment by HOC.

  2. It was intimated during ERP Go Live on 01.11.2014 that legacy file are to be processed for one year only. But till date officers are taxed for processing legacy file also and files are sent to various levels of BAs/GMs/CGM repeatedly for approval. This practice is very much time consuming and wastage of Man power. Purpose of introducing ERP in ChTD is not fulfilled so far.

  3. After energizing new BTS sites and after handing over to concern GSM wing, further conducting/Extending FRAC must be done by GSM wing. This practice is not followed in Chennai Telephones as done in other Circles. Already CFA officers are overloaded with their assigned works.

  4. Organizing Secretary Central Com.S.Elango explained in detail for collection of subscription and donation for Ail India Conference to be held at Mysuru during 16thJune to 18 th June 2016.

  5. Discussed elaborately about All India Conference in this forum.BS and BFS should collect the subscription due from members and to remit it before 20.05.16 to Finance Secretary or CS. Circle Secretary personally appreciated Branch Secretaries for attending the meeting even in this scorching Sun.