12.05.16: Circle Office Bearers meeting at Mambalam on 11.05.16 at 17:30hrs

Circle  Office  Bearers meeting was conducted at 17:30 hrs on 11.05.16 at Mambalam Telephone Exchange complex .

Meeting was chaired by Circle President. Com.V.Chandrasekaran.Our Senior Com.S.Sangili DGM (F) as special invitee attended and given valuable suggestion for improving Membership and forthcoming All India Conference issues.

 1.COB  discussed regarding the request transfer cases of JAOs and AOs  and forthcoming vacant posts of DGM Finance to be filled in time. Circle Secretary replied that we have already discussed the transfer cases with GM (F) and genuine cases will be settled after mid May16.

2.Specific areas has not paid subscription from July’ 14 .CS requested COBs to coordinate with BOBs and collect pending and current subscription upto June 16.

3.Before Friday delegate list for AIC to be submitted to CS. Each delegate should pay Rs.1500/- for AIC as per CHQ decision.

4.Branch Secretaries next  meeting will be convened on 18.05.16 Wednesday.

5.All the organizing secretaries shall coordinate with Branch Finance Secretaries and will collect subscription and donation for AIC .

6.Next COB meeting will be conducted after Branch Secretaries meeting .

7.Circle Executive Committee meeting will be conducted  in 1st week of June 16.

CS appeal to all the Members to give donation for All India Conference.