03-06-16 5th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA (To be held at Mysuru)




17.06.2016 to 19.06.2016


 Arrival of CHQ Office Bearers/ Advisors to CHQ / Circle Secretaries/ CWC Members.

Pre-AIC CWC Meet at 10.00 Hrs.

5th All India Conference of AIBSNLEA

Departure of Delegates

CHQ Office Bearers / Advisors to CHQ Meet at 18.00 Hrs.

 Arrival of Delegates

Make it a Grand Success by

> Attending the Conference in a large number.
> Electing the delegates as per the constitution and intimating their names and arrival/departure particulars to the host circle. Delegates to be elected @ 30 paid members or part thereof being not less than 20 subject to the minimum of two per branch.
> Clearing the CHQ quota up-to the month of May 2016 as well as Contribution towards Legal Funds and Diary payments.
> Depositing the Delegate fee @ Rs. 1500/- per Delegate to the host circle immediately on reaching Mysuru.
> CHQ Office Bearers / Advisors to CHQ / Circle Secretaries / Circle Presidents and CWC Members will be the EX-OFFICIO Delegates.
> Ensure that the CWC members representing their Circle are elected as per the norms prescribed in the constitution. CWC members elected in excess will not be honored.
> No extra Delegates / Observers are allowed.
> Delegates attending the conference with family have to pay Rs.1500/- per member for food whereas the accommodation charges are to be paid as per actuals.
> Co-operating with the Host Circle in all respects.