10-06-2016 First CEC of AIBSNLEA CHTD was held on 10-06-2016

1st CEC Meeting of AIBSNLEA CHTD was held on 10-06-2016 at Jeevana Jyothi Hall,Egmore.

Circle President, Circle Secretary, Asst Circle Secretaries, CWC Members, Branch Presidents, Branch Secretaries, Organizing Secretaries, Members and invited guests were present in the meeting.

Chief Guest of the meeting  Com S.Sivakumar, CS TN Circle was honored with Shawl by Com Krishnan ACS on behalf of Association. Inspiring Speech was delivered by Chief Guest pointing out the importance of campaigning members to join AIBSNLEA for the forthcoming 1st Membership Verification.

Guide for JAO LICE Exam(Part-I ) was released by CS TN & CS CHTD in the CEC meeting. 

Important events/decisions in the meeting are

  • Finalized the list of 20 delegates for attending the All India Conference to be held at Mysuru from 16-06-2016 to 20-06-2016.

  • Retired Officers/Office Bearers Com M.V.R Ravi, PA to GM(S&M CM), Com V.Gabriel DE NSS, Com C.S Devika DGM KAL were honored with Shawl by Association for their astounding contribution to Association.

Com V.Gabriel donated Rs.5000/- and Com M.V.R Ravi donated Rs 1500/- to Association.

  • CS AIBSNLEA CHTD presented the CEC Report for the year 2015-16.

  • Detailed discussion was held on the report by Committee members.

  • Circle President and Circle Secretary replied for the queries and suggestions.

  • Report was passed by CEC Members unanimously by applause.

  • ACS, CWC Members and other members of CEC Meeting shared the issues to be discussed in AIC to be held in Mysuru.

  • Com S.Sangili, DGM(F)-BP COBA raised issue that Bonus has to be distributed to staff irrespective of Profit/Loss of company and this pattern is followed in other PSUs like Air India etc. The issue has to be taken up along with Non Executive Staff Unions in the present situations where BSNL has come to operational profit.

  • Com D. Murugaiyan, ACS(SDE(C)) pointed out that Asset values of BSNL are shown as the same book value as on acquisition date ie. Even if the property was acquired during 1973 for Rs.1Lk, the same price is taken for the Asset today also, which is highly erroneous. Thus the total Asset of BSNL which is shown as 70,000 crores is undervalued Asset value and steps are to be taken to correct this. Issue to be taken up in AIC.

  • ACS also highlighted that the JTOs in electrical wing have to wait 15 years for promotion to SDE cadre. This issue will be resolved permanently on implementation of CPSU Hierarchy in BSNL. CS agreed to discuss the issue in AIC.

  • CWC Member Com Ayyappan raised the issue of 60-40 pension for BSNL Employees. Demand for 100% pension contribution by Government has to be taken up in AIC.

  • Also CWC Member demanded that Rs.300 reduction to Staff shall be given by BSNL on FTTH service also.

  • Strong opinion was summed up in the meeting for taking up the issue of giving GM(LA) post  for Sr.DGMs. Management policy against giving GM(LA) to BSNL promotees was strongly condemned.   

  • CS TN Circle appealed to all the members present to collect the subscription and Donations for remittance to CHQ before AIC  at Mysuru.

  • CS CHTD optimistically wished that all the pending subscription and donations are to be collected by respective branches before 14-06-2016.

  • F/N Session of the CEC meeting was closed and Members dispersed for lunch at 02.00pm.A/N session started at 02.30pm.

  • During A/N session time was given for the BS/BP/FS to present Branch Committee Report, including member details and subscription status.

  • CEC has taken decision for resolution. Details will be published soon.

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