28.06.2016:  Looking after arrangement in the cadre of CAO’s & DGM(F&A)’s

AO’s/CAO’s Transfer & Posting and Looking after arrangement orders  of AO to CAOs and CAO to DGM (F&A)’s has been issued by GM (Finance) with effect from 01-07-2016 after continuous perusal of our AIBSNLEA Chennai Telephones.

Looking After Arrangement (AO to CAO)

Sl no Name(S/S Staff No. Desgn Wkg unit Posted to
1 Rejina John 89250 AO CSC/ERP CBA
2 B.Suriya Kumar 89257 AO MR GSM MR GSM
3 R.Selva Kumar 89350 AO RTTC CSC/ERP/RTTC
4 L.Maragathamary 180620 AO TR NP TR NP

Transfer and Posting (CAO)

Sl no NAME Staff No. Desgn Wkg unit Posted to
1 P.R.Jayanthi 88482 CAO COBA TR HQrs
2 M.Rajendran 89151 CAO TR HQrs NBA
3 N.Jagadeesan 88712 CAO CBA TR Central
4 G.Muthukumarasamy 89027 CAO LA CSC/ERP SBA

Looking After Arrangement (CAO to DGM)

Sl no NAME Staff No. Desgn Wkg unit Posted to
1 S.Ramesh 88031 CAO CBA FC
2 S.Vennila 88197 CAO NBA Plg&MM/Audit
3 S.Sudha 88317 CAO SBA WBA
4 Chitra Bhaskaran 88376 CAO TR NP CBA

Circle Secretary  has extended  hearty Congratulations on behalf of AIBSNLEA ChTD  to those who have got LA arrangements Posts.