30-06-2016 Retiring DGMs were honoured by AIBSNLEA

On 30-06-2016, AIBSNLEA CHTD honoured three DGM(F) retiring on superannuation.

Sri S.V.Raju DGM (TR HQ) was felicitated with shawl by Com P.Udayasuriyan, CS CHTD/OS CHQ(S). ret5ret2

Sri N.Venkatesan DGM(F&A) was felicitated with shawl by Com S. Sanker Ganesh BP,COBA.ret1

Sri. K.Madhava Rao DGM(Audit/Plg&MM) was felicitated with shawl by Com Smt. Benita Ponmalar AFS,COBA.ret4

Retiring DGMs were felicitated on behalf of all the members of our association at  CGM’s Conference room in front of Hon. CGM CHTD, All GMs and Area DGMs. AIBSNLEA CHTD wishes a peaceful and healthy retired life for all the retired officers.