02.08.2016: Meeting  with GM NWO North on 01.08.16

Com.P.Ramalingam, BS  Ambattur O&M and CS met GM (NWO)North on 01.08.16 at 16:00hrs onwards and discussed the following points:

A.Ponnamallae Division: 

  1. The only division in Chennai Telephones without any vehicle for more than two years.(Two Departmental vehicles already scrapped). Even though maximum productivity was given by PML division in every financial year. In Avadi and Ambattur (2+1) 3 vehicles are available but they are not sharing the vehicle with PML division like other divisions.

Circle Secretary insisted to GM to make permanent arrangement for vehicle.GM agreed to sort out this issue amicably.

2.   One Executive at  SDE level to be posted at PML CSC/CSR for day to day activity at CSC in place of Sri.C.Nandagopal  who was transferred as DE LA to Ambattur before one year.SD module activities has to be carried out on the same day.

-GM assured to take up this issue with GM (HR&Admn).

3.    Present Kumananchavadi RSU is working in Container. It is growing and revenue earning area. Hence new Exchange building has to be built with RSU,CSC and ATM etc. CS has been insisting this for the past seven years.

GM assured to take up this issue with PGM(NW P&D) CFA.

B.Avadi Division

  1. One SDE to be posted at Avadi Extl I in place of Sri.S.Baranidaran who was transferred to GSM. More than 90 pillars are working in this area. No JTO at Avadi Extl I. Only Sri.Majo P John SDE Avadi Extl II is additionally looking after Extl I.

2.   Smti.D.Padmavathy SDE is requesting for  transfer from Pattabiram to Avadi Intl( in place of Sri.Rajendran SDE who has gone on VRS).So one SDE shall be posted to Pattabiram RSU.

3.   Smt.K.Amirthavalli SDE LA is working in  Brindavan nagar  & Sri.N.Sundararaj SDE LA is working in Thirunindravur .Looking after arrangement issue  is not at all solved for Brindavan Nagar SDE.BS explained in detail to GM.

-GM assured to sort out all these genuine issues.

C.Ambattur Division:

1.     As per Admn order Smt.J.Jeyalakshmi JTO is posted to AMB Extl I but she was posted to AMB Extl II as per local DGM’s intervention. The order was modified by Admn  and except Smt.J.Jeyalakshmi JTO,  all are posted in the same place. The officer is going to retire in Jan 2017.This kind of vindictive action is not appreciable.This kind of vindictive action should not repeated in future. So she must  be posted to  original place of Extl I.

2.     One  JTO and SDE was working in CSC/CSR AMB. Sri. Thangavelu  SDE was retired in July 15. JTO CSC  was transferred and sitting idle getting salary in the name of NGN installation from March 2016. But  JTO TD is additionally overloaded and is made to look after CSC/CSR.

GM listened keenly and assured to take up this sensitive  issue.

**CS also discussed  the works relating to North area BB activities viz Dslam installation at GSM BTS sites,Army Hqrts,Navy ,shifting of Ennore Port,VLBB and requirement of DGM Madavaram O&M**

Due to unavoidable situation Com.S.Baranidharan BS BSS GSM could not attend this meeting. 


28.7.2016: Dear Comrades! As assured the long pending transfer orders have been issued to

  1. Smt.V.Porchelvi AO(CDMA) RKN to TR WEST, KKN and

  2. Smt.C.B.Amudha has been transferred from AO(LD) to TR HQ