23-08-2016: Visit of  ACS(Finance), OS(Central) and CWC member to the Central Business Area  Accounts Unit on 17/08/2016

As per the directions of CS / OS (S)- CHQ the following members visited the Central Business Area Accounts Unit and interacted with the Office bearers and heard their grievances: 1.K.Rajnarayanan ACS (Fin), 2.S.Elango OS(Cen) & R.Srinivasan CWC Member.

The above members along with Sri.C.Narasimhan JAO(W) & FS Anna Road individually met our members and the various points told by them for improving the working conditions are as follows:

Allocation of Work among CAOs & AOs

  • The present allocation of work among CAOs & AOs is unbalanced  and the same has to be reworked for efficient functioning of the BA

  • CAO post which fell vacant due to the superannuation of Sri. Padmanabhan has to be filled up.

  • Reallocation of work among JAOs

CAO Works-I

CAO Works-II



AO Works-II



AO Works-IV


AO(Personal Claims)


  • Due to implementation of ERP the work load of AO(Claims) has come down drastically and hence additional work can be allotted to AO(Claims) i.e processing of all capital bills.

Other Issues:

  • Considering allotting the 7TH floor Room presently occupied by Defaulter section to AO(Works)

  • The Room in the sixth floor that is being made ready can be allotted to CAOs

  • Posting two clerical staff for works-II section

  • The procedure of sending files for sanction twice i.e expenditure sanction and bill sanction should be stopped as it consumes lot of time and man power. AA & ES which given once can be used for bill processing also.

  • SDE (Tech) may be made the nodal officer for ERP in the zone  and he / she will be the focal point  for all ERP related queries in the business area.