30-09-16: Super Annuation felicitation program

1.Com.Smt. S.Nithya Kalyani DE GSM BSS ,STM   retired on Superannuation on 30.09.16.Circle Secretary with CEC member Com.J.Nambinachiyar and Com.B.Nagarajan DE GSM BSS TAM ( our Ex.secretary) honored her with shawl.CS appreciated her sincerity and dedication to work and wished her a happy retired and peaceful life.



2.Com.R.Alexander SDE, Zamin palavaram retired on superannuation on 30.09.16. Sri.Kannan DE Chrompet organized official meeting. CS attended and addressed the meeting. CS wished him a healthy, peaceful and happy retired life.

 AIBSNLEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the officers/officials who retired on 30.09.16 for healthy , happy and peaceful retired life.



30.09.16: Third day Hunger Fast at TN Circle office

Third day Hunger fast of United Forum was held on 29th September 16 at TN Circle office. Large Members participated eagerly on the final day of Hunger fast. All the Association Presidents insisted that meeting should be chaired by Com.Jaimurugan CP, AIGETOA ,ChTD.

DR Members shared their views in the meeting. New DR Members praised seniors for guiding them to organize and mobilizing the Members for the meeting and how to approach Administration for resolving the issues across the table. All the leaders addressed and highlighted the present development activities between Management and CHQ United Forum. SNEA CP Com.Balasubramanian praised Com.Bangaru Krishnaswamy CP AIBSNLEA for his devoted service to the Association right from beginning of his carreer. CS,AIBSNLEA Chennai Telephones underlined the latest update at CHQ.

Direct Recruitment Superannuation benefits presidential order (3% contribution) approved and orders will be issued very soon.

On CPSU Hierarchy, revised draft will be given on 03-10-2016 and further discussion will be held  on 05-10-2016.

Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com.Balasubramanian CP,SNEA TN.


Glimpses of Third day Hunger Strike:

28-09-2016 Second Day Hunger Strike at O/o CGM TN Circle

Second Day Hunger Strike conducted by United Forum of AIBSNLEA, SNEA and AIGETOA of CHTD and TN Circle was successfully conducted on 28-09-2016 at O/o CGM TN Circle. 

To get resolved the issues, the ongoing agitation program has to be intensified further. All the Central Office Bearers, Circle/District Secretaries are requested to ensure 100% participation of our members in 3rd day’s “Hunger Fast Program”.

Glimpses of Second Day Hunger Strike:


28.09.16: First day Hunger fast of United Forum at ChTD

First day hunger fast of United forum was held at O/o CGM Chennai Telephones on 27.09.16. Office  Bearers and  Members of AIBSNLEA,SNEA ,AIGETOA participated en mass in the Hunger fast enthusiastically. Meeting was presided over by Com.Bangaru Krishnaswamy CP AIBSNLEA, Com.Veerapandian CP SNEA and Com.Jaimurugan CP AIGETOA. All the Association leaders addressed the gathering. Members also voluntarily came forward and addressed in the meeting. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com. Ranganathan DS Circle office TN.



27-09-16: CHQ NEWS

Status in Hon’ble Supreme Court of India regarding the court cases on the seniority of TES Gr.”B” Officers in DoT/BSNL/MTNL:

The Court case on the above matter could not be listed on 27.09.2016 for hearing in the Hon’ble Supreme Court. As of now, there are no further orders of listing.



26.09.16: Third Phase of Agitation programme: Day Long Hunger Fast on 27th,28th & 29th September 16

United Forum of BSNL Executives Associations of has called for Third phase of agitation programme: Combined Day Long Hunger Fast of CHTD and TN Circle on 27th,28th & 29th September 16.

  • First Day long Hunger fast will be held on 27.09.16 at O/o  CGM,Chennai Telephones

  • 2nd Day long Hunger fast will be held in O/o CGM TN circle office on 28.09.16 and

  • Venue will be decided later for 29.09.16


1.Standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO, SDE and equivalent cadres.

2.30% Superannuation benefit to the BSNL Recruited Employees.

3 .CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. 

As per the earlier discussion, all COBs/BOBs  are requested to participate enmass.COBs/BOBs must give wide publicity to all the members and mobilize for making the programme a grand success.


23.09.16: Joint meeting with AIGETOA on 22.09.16

Joint meeting with AIGETOA was held on 22.09.16 at Haddows road at 17:30 hrs. Circle office bearers and other office bearers of both Associations attended the meeting. AIGETOA Circle Secretary Com.S.Uma chandran presided over the meeting. Joint Secretary (S) CHQ Com. K.Senthil kumar attended and addressed. All the members discussed in depth regarding First Membership verification. Our VP Com. R.Raju  distributed sweets for his promotion as DGM (Fin) WBA .Circle Secretary addressed how to approach members for becoming No 1 in the forthcoming Membership verification election. Three or four committees will be formed for execution of Election work. Core committee will be published very soon for identification of Members. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com.S.Elango OS(Central),AIBSNLEA.


16-09-16: 016: (CHQ NEWS)   Status of Court Case in Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT regarding LDCE Quota promotions from JTO to SDE (T):


It is learnt that the hearing has been held on 14.09.2016 in the Hon’ble CAT Bench Chandigarh  regarding LDCE Quota promotions from JTO to SDE (T).  The Hon’ble CAT has asked  BSNL’s advocate to file an affidavit on the next date of hearing, i.e. on 19th September 2016 stating that the seniority of the promote officers of different groups (i.e. LDCE and DPC) will be determined by the respective vacancy year itself.

We met with the concerned officers in the BSNL Corporate Office and requested to arrange to file the affidavit in the Hon’ble CAT Bench Chandigarh on the next date of hearing i.e. 19.09.2016. It is informed that already instructions have been passed to the legal team to file a suitable affidavit in the Hon’ble CAT in this regard.