30-09-16: Super Annuation felicitation program

1.Com.Smt. S.Nithya Kalyani DE GSM BSS ,STM   retired on Superannuation on 30.09.16.Circle Secretary with CEC member Com.J.Nambinachiyar and Com.B.Nagarajan DE GSM BSS TAM ( our Ex.secretary) honored her with shawl.CS appreciated her sincerity and dedication to work and wished her a happy retired and peaceful life.



2.Com.R.Alexander SDE, Zamin palavaram retired on superannuation on 30.09.16. Sri.Kannan DE Chrompet organized official meeting. CS attended and addressed the meeting. CS wished him a healthy, peaceful and happy retired life.

 AIBSNLEA, Chennai Telephones wishes all the officers/officials who retired on 30.09.16 for healthy , happy and peaceful retired life.