Tremendous Massive Grand Membership verification Meeting held at FBR on 22-10-16

Joint Meeting of AIBSNLEA& AIGETOA for Membership Verification was held at FBR Exchange Complex at Lunch hour. Com Prahlad Rai ji GS, Com S.Sivakumar AIP CHQ, Com P.Udayasuriyan CS/OS(S), Com V. Chandrasekharan CP, Com R.Guruprasd Leg Adv from AIBSNLEA and Com B.Laxman AIP CHQ, Com.M.Sreedhar Babu JS(S),Com K.SenthilKumar OS(S),Com S.Umachandran CS, Com P.JaiMurugan CP from AIGETOA and other leaders addressed the gathering.

The meeting turned out to a massive and Grand gathering with around 400 vibrant members participated in the meeting. Our GS with other leaders released the Manifesto for verification at Chennai, and gave  an elaborate speech discussing achievements of AIBSNLEA. Com B. Laxman explained the views of AIGETOA, DR executives and remembered the support extended by AIBSNLEA. Once again it is proved that our members is the biggest strength of AIBSNLEA by the huge gathering.

The crowd reminded us of the title of the Forum

“Together we achieve Together we Progress”

Our tagline for the verification was taken by crowd with applause

“Vote for No.1 To make BSNL No.1”

Loud Slogans sounded every where across the FBR Complex and turned out as the voice of BSNL Chennai 

“AIBSNLEA Zindabad   AIGETOA Zindabad”

Glimpses of the meeting


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Minutes of the Special Joint General Body Meeting of AIBSNEA and AIGETOA for Membership verification at Flower Bazzar TE Premises on 22/10/2016 by Chennai Telephones and TN Circle

The special Joint General Body Meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA was well organized at Flower Bazzar TE Premises on 22/10/2016 at Lunch Hour by Sub Committee of COBA And NBA Com.P.Sangili Chairman,

Com.R.Vijayasarathi BS NBA, Com.Muthulakshmi Ramamoorthy Dy.Convenor ,Com. K.Prema Convenor and  Com.T.Vijayan Coordinator. The meeting turned out to be a massive one with attendance of Executives from both associations  in large numbers.  The entire area was flocked with members coming far and wide from all over Chennai.

Com.B.Ganesan Chairman Core Committee welcomed the guests to the dais and the meeting began with a customary prayer followed by the welcome speech rendered by Com.K.Rajnarayanan Convenor Core Committee who highlighted about the need to stay united and make AIBSNLEA  the No:1 Association for Executives in BSNL. Office bearers of both the Associations felicitated the dignitaries on the dais with a shawl and Momento.

Presidential Address rendered by Com.B.Ganesan Chairman.

The Joint Election Canvassing program was attended by Com.Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA, Com.S.Sivakumar President AIBSNLEA CHQ, Com.Laxman Banoth President  AIGETOA CHQ, Com.M.Sridhar Babu Jt.Secretary South AIGETOA, Com.K.Senthilkumar OS(South) AIGETOA and all the circle office  bearers of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA.

Com.K.Senthilkumar OS(South) AIGETOA while addressing the audience assured  that they will make all out efforts to make AIBSNLEA,  number One association in the coming referendum and explained how AIBSNLEA has been supporting their demands.

Com.Laxman Banoth President AIGETOA CHQ in his inspiring speech underlined the decision for aligning with AIBSNLEA and gave details about AIBSNLEA supporting them throughout since the hunger strike held by AIGETOA at Jantar Mantar  two years before and appealed to all the DRs to be united for the betterment of DRs under one Umbrella.  He specified the reasons for supporting AIBSNLEA and why other sister associations should be defeated in the coming referendum.

Manifesto for Membership verification was released by Com.Prahlad Rai GS CHQ. 

In the magnificent address delivered by beloved Com. Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA,he mentioned that AIBSNLEA represent all the disciplines of BSNL. With the untiring effort of AIBSNLEA many achievements have been made i.e.

  • implementation of EPP/Grant of perks to Executives

  • Transparent transfer policy in BSNL/BSNLMSRR notification.

  • Implementation of 2nd PRC with 30% fitment benefit

  • Finalization of AAO pay scale

  • Filling up of the vacant Group “B”, STS and JAG level posts,

  • Regularization of officiating JTOs

  • Creation of Sr.PPS Posts in Corporate office and PPS posts in field units/2% IDA pay fixation to BSNL serving and retired employees

  • Withdrawal of 60:40 provision of BSNL pension etc.

GS, AIBSNLEA in his detailed deliberation explained all the achievements of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA united struggle. He also appraised the latest position of different cadre demands including AD (OL), PA/PS , Officiating JTO, SDE , AO, CAO and others. At present we are thriving hard to get 3 Ps – PAY, PROMOTION AND PENSION for our younger brothers. He also assured that our joint effort will be successful in achieving 1st position in the forthcoming Membership verification of the Executives. He further mentioned that with the efforts of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA the replacement of E-1A by  E-2 & E-2A by E-3 and subsequent scales up gradation from E-3 to E-4, E-4 to E-5, E-5 to E-6 and E-6 to E-7 proposal was approved by BSNL MC and now being cleared by DoT/DPE shortly. The Khan Committee report on CPSU cadre hierarchy is also now under active consideration by the BSNL Management, 3% superannuation contribution from BSNL towards 30% superannuation benefit has been approved by BSNL Board/DoT and order has been issued. AIBSNLEA is also equally concern to the viability of BSNL and that is why during the agitation programmes of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations AIBSNLEA is always at fore front. He requested all the Executives to provide best and reliable services to customers to retain them. He also appealed to vote and support AIBSNLEA during membership verification to save BSNL and its executives of all the disciplines.

Com.S.Sivakumar President AIBSNLEA CHQ in his rousing speech   mentioned about the transparency of AIBSNLEA in dealing all cadre issues and stressed the necessity of making AIBSNLEA NUMBER ONE in the coming referendum. He spoke about the attitude of our sister associations and how they are misleading the Executives and scuttling the efforts taken by AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA to get the issues settled. He also requested the members who attended the meeting to educate the non members about the dual view of other association, who always thrusts the view of the Management on Employees.

Com.Sridhar Babu, JS(South) AIGETOA, stressed for the need of Unity among the DRs and elaborately explained about the achievements of United Forum  and requested all the members to VOTE for AIBSNLEA as AIBSNLEA assured to solve  the DR pending issues. He very much appreciated the content in the flux banner.

Com.P.Udayasuriyan CS CHTD & OS(South) CHQ highlighted the various achievements of AIBSNLEA in CHTD and why it is necessary to vote for AIBSNLEA so as to make it the No: 1 association for Executives in BSNL.  OS (South) was confident that AIBSNLEA will win the elections in CHTD but urged the members not to be complacent and put in more efforts so as to obtain 2/3rd majority. He highlighted that since BSNL is no1 in loss making PSUs ,we have to thrive hard for becoming  BSNL to No 1 position in profit making.

Meeting was also addressed by Com.Guru Prasad Legal Advisor CHQ,Com P.Jaimurugan President AIGETOA CHTD, Com.S,Umachandran CS AIGETOA CHTD, Com,Bangaru Krishnaswamy President AIBSNLEA TN Circle.

Meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Com.S.Elango OS(Central) AIBSNLEA CHTD requested all to give a befitting reply to the sister associations in the coming referendum so as to protect the interest of the executives and for taking  BSNL to its old glory. The venue erupted with slogan shouting “ Vote For No:1 to Make BSNL No:1”, Together we achieve and Together we progress” and Vote for AIBSNLEA.

 Circle Secretary conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to Members on behalf of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA for attending the meeting even by skipping Lunch and patiently sitting till the end of the meeting. CS convey thanks to all the COBs, BOBs  subcommittee and root level members especially Press &Ad committee ,Core Committee and NBA & COBA  subcommittee  who made excellent arrangements and untiring contribution for the meeting.


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20.10.16: Special General Body  Meeting of AIBSNEA and AIGETOA for Membership verification

1.Our beloved General Secretary Com.Prahalad Rai and GS of AIGETOA Com.Ravi Shil Verma and  other CHQ office bearers are attending and addressing the meeting on 22.10.16 at Flower Bazaar Exchange complex at 12:00hrs.Core Committee Chairman Com.B.Ganesan, Convenor  Com K..Raj Narayanan,Com.S.Sangili BP COBA and Com.R.Vijayasarathy BS NBAs along with  BOBs of NBA & COBA ,Core committee members should make arrangements.

Circle Secretary appeal to all the Circle Office  Bearers and Branch Office bearers to mobilize base level members for attending the meeting in large numbers to grace the occasion.

2.Press and Advertising committee is continuously working for Membership verification works from 15th October 16 under the chairmanship of Com.V.Gabriel  ACS / DE GSM ( R).Even though he has retired he is working in true spirits. Circle Secretary never expected this kind of dedicated contribution from retired   officer. CS convey his heartfelt thanks to him. He is an inspiration for other office bearers.

3.  GB meeting was held on 19.10.16 at South West (Guindy) Branch

General Body Meeting of GM (S) office was held on 19.10.16 during Lunch hour at GM south complex chaired by Com.J.Padma, DGM (Fin). ACS Com.K.Rajnarayanan and CWC Member Com.R.S. Srinivasan  organized the meeting. Local issues were discussed. CS attended and addressed the gathering and answered all the queries raised by Members. CS appreciated TR wing Officers & staffs for door step collection  of more than 40 Lakhs   as on date from Re Connection mela. Members are continuously asking for two JAOs and two AOs as replacement for the transferred officers.

Following New office bearers of SBA Accounts Branch unanimously elected in the meeting.

1.Com. J.PADMA DGM Fin SBA –President

2.Com. V.Lalitha, AO – Vice President

3.Com. N.MAHESH, JAO – Branch Secretary

4.Com.V. Ramakrishnan, JAO- Asst. Branch Secretary

5.Com.P.SENTHIL KUMAR, -Finance Secretary

6.Com.S.Lakshmi narayanan–Asst.Fin Secretary

7.Com.S. Kalyani, JAO – Committee Member

8.Com.S. Kuberan.AO – Committee Member


18.10.16: Core Committee Meetings regarding Election process

Series of Core Committee meetings were conducted on 14th, 15th & 17.10.16 at Haddows Road for Membership verification process. Core Committee Convenor  Com.K.Raj Narayanan ACS called Sub committees on 14.10.16 Five Sub Committees,15.10.16- Five Sub Committees and remaining  seven Committees on 17.10.16 under the Chairmanship of Com.B.GANESAN, CWC Member. All the Sub committees Chairman and Convenor enthusiastically participated and shared their views. All Sub committees identified the Members to the Core Committee Chairman. Chairman explained in detail regarding the methods /steps to be followed by Sub committees for approaching the members and highlighting our Association Manifesto. Chairman’s advice should be followed and make our Association No.1 in the forthcoming verification election.  

The following Comrades came forward and donated for Membership Verification expenditure.

1.Com.R.Vijayasarathy BS FBR –Rs.2000/- 2.Com.P.Tilagavathy Ex FS KOD-Rs.1000/- 3.Com.Srikanthnarasimha moorthy BP CPT- Rs.1000/-

Circle Secretary appreciated their willingness to donate and conveyed thanks to them.



07.10.16: CS met CGM CHTD 0n 04.10.16

Circle Secretary met CGM Chennai Telephones on 04.10.16 and discussed various points related to improvement of BSNL Chennai Telephones.Some important points are highlighted  below.

1.Union Bank of India has given URL for payment of TNEB bills .Long pending issue is settled after quite long time.

2.Phone Mechanic will get Rs 100 each as Incentive for  booking of new LL and BB and he will get Rs.100 if connection is given on the same day. Admn should issue order for this . It will be a boost for staff for getting more new connections.

3.Acute shortage of Officer/official in Broadband section due to transfers and promotions .Dslams have to be installed for Augmentation purpose, new sites. For installing Dslams at GSM BTS sites, first site survey to be conducted  and removal of Dslams from existing locations and reinstalling at BTS sites. Coordination with vendor for installation of MNG PAN Equipments. Recovering P2 Dslams and associated cables and accessories from Exchanges and moving it to stores etc.

4.BSS sites and External DE posts to be filled up in a war footing manner. CGM immediately responded and posts will be filled as and when DEs from other circles join in ChTD.


04.10.16: Circle Secretary with ACS Accounts met GM Finance on 01.10.16  and subsequently on 04.10.16

 Circle Secretary with ACS Accounts met GM Finance on 01.10.16 and subsequently on 04.10.16  and submitted letter regarding the grievances of Accounts wing. Subject matter of the letter is given below.

 After assuming charge as GM Finance in Chennai Telephones, you have done remarkable works for the improvement of BSNL ChTD. In the DGM(Finance) promotions released recently all 15 sanctioned posts were filled only because of your earnest interaction with BSNL CO with full support of CGM ChTD. Incentives were sanctioned for conducting Reconnection Melas which was a boost to the employees and the credit goes to you and HOC  Sir. After your joining in ChTD there is excellent coordination between Engineering and finance which is highly appreciable. Even though Administrative lapse and grievances are received from Members , our Association will extend full support for the  activities which will be beneficial to BSNL ChTD. Following Issues were discussed in detail with GM (Fin).

1.Humiliation to Sri.V.Palani AO CBA who is retiring on superannuation on 31.10.16

2.Posting of retention AO to Central BA

3.Shifting of CAO (Planning) GSM unit from Flower Bazaar to R.K.Nagar to ensure smooth workflow .In R.K.Nagar DGM(Fin) and DGM GSM are seated in R.K.Nagar.

4.Discussion about latest Transfer & Posting of CAOs

5.Uniformity of work and posts in Business areas were discussed. AO (Personal claims) are posted in CBA,COBA,NBA whereas WBA and South BA no such post.

6.Non consideration of request transfer cases in the grade of JAOs and other sensitive issues were discussed.

 GM (Finance) patiently listened and assured to take immediate action.