07.10.16: CS met CGM CHTD 0n 04.10.16

Circle Secretary met CGM Chennai Telephones on 04.10.16 and discussed various points related to improvement of BSNL Chennai Telephones.Some important points are highlighted  below.

1.Union Bank of India has given URL for payment of TNEB bills .Long pending issue is settled after quite long time.

2.Phone Mechanic will get Rs 100 each as Incentive for  booking of new LL and BB and he will get Rs.100 if connection is given on the same day. Admn should issue order for this . It will be a boost for staff for getting more new connections.

3.Acute shortage of Officer/official in Broadband section due to transfers and promotions .Dslams have to be installed for Augmentation purpose, new sites. For installing Dslams at GSM BTS sites, first site survey to be conducted  and removal of Dslams from existing locations and reinstalling at BTS sites. Coordination with vendor for installation of MNG PAN Equipments. Recovering P2 Dslams and associated cables and accessories from Exchanges and moving it to stores etc.

4.BSS sites and External DE posts to be filled up in a war footing manner. CGM immediately responded and posts will be filled as and when DEs from other circles join in ChTD.