30.11.16: SuperAnnuation Function

Super Annuation function of Smt.Vijayalakshmi Raju SDE was held at Chrompet Telephone Exchange during lunch hour. Com.Krishnan ACS , Com.K.Rajnarayanan ACS,Com.B.Nagarajan OS South,Com.S.Sridharan BS RTTC,Com.Kannan BS Chrompet and other Branch office bearers with Circle Secretary attended and honoured her with Shawl.

At this busy schedule also Circle Secretary found time for attending the function and remembered her valuable contributions to BSNL and our association.  

AIBSNLEA ,ChTD wishes all the officers/officials who retired on 30.11.16 for healthy , happy and peaceful retired life.

28-11-2016 Campaigning under leadership of CS at GPD,MNJ,MVM, MMC,PON

Campaigning was intensified and face to face campaigning was started by CS as per schedule at Ponneri, Madhavaram,MVM Milk Colony, Gummidipoondi and Minjur. Com B.M Pandian BS BB, Com C.Rameshkumar OS(N) , Com Chandrasekhar Conv, Com Snethilkumar Dy.Conv,Com Bharathi Chairman,Com Vamsee Krishna vice-Chmn, Com Balasubramanian Ex OS from Committees associated with CS.

06-12-2016: My sincere appeal to one and all..

My beloved Comrades,

The long drawn battle comes to an end. The 1st MVP has become a reality amidst speculations. I am extremely happy to observe the whole hearted overwhelming support extended by all of our Executives’ brethren where ever the Team AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA Combine visited.

As we submitted on day one, we reiterate that ours is an Association which thinks beyond caste, federation and political affinity.

First our Rival played the Caste card accusing AIBSNLEA does not support Roster based promotion and after our proving evidence to the fact that it is AIBSNLEA that asked the Personnel  Section to maintain status quo on roster, and having become unsuccessful in that attempt, they started showing their political color by way of certain gimmicks. After washing of their hands, in respect of Mr.Sahu Ex-GS-AIGETOA, during the 15-11-2016 Dharna, (the portion of a letter from DGM-SR on 11-11-2016 is copied as a clear evidence)

by clearly writing a letter to DIR-HR to withdraw the appeal marked to them, they have now found a savior in the same Com.Sahu and projects in their site to listen to the appeal from him. It is highly unfortunate for an Association that had leaders of stature like Bagchi, Seshagiri Rao, etc., to depend on others ignoring their own team.

Comrades, let us not be cowed down by all these happenings and my sincere appeal to one and all, especially the younger generation is that, your vote should not be decided by the Dictate of Last minute Ditches and as we appealed on day one, we once again request everyone to take a conscious Decision and vote for AIBSNLEA at Serial No 1 if you want to put an end to “Dirty Politics” that will impede the growth of BSNL.

First think of BSNL, then you will automatically vote for AIBSNLEA.

               “Vote for

                     Serial no:   1  

                                                     to make our BSNL Number One”.





26-11-2016 Polling Agents& Relief Agents List submitted to Returning Officer:-

CS today submitted the List of Polling Agents and Relief Agents nominated by AIBSNLEA CHTD to Returning Officer- GM(HR&A).

<< Polling Agents and Relief Agents List>>


23.11.16:  Branch Office Bearers List reproduced as ready reckoner  for effective Association functioning

All the Circle office bearers especially Assistant Circle Secretary to coordinate with Branch Secretaries for day to day Association activities  and address members grievances as per CS allotment of Portfolios. On account of Transfer, Promotion. Retirement of Executives in recent times few modifications are made in the existing BOBs with concurrence of Branch Office bearers. All the Core Committee and Booth committees are requested to coordinate with BOBs for effective one to one canvassing. Modified Branch Officer Bearers list is given below and priority should be given for Membership verification process till 07th Dec 2016.



                                       <<Click to Download>>

Appeal to Direct Recruits..

Courtesy: AIGETOA Prakasam SSA( AP Circle)

An open appeal to all DRs ,whether you are AIGETOA ,SNEA , AIBSNLEA member.

Friends today I have gone through all most all the association website and it is very surprising that now a days all most all association become the big mashiha of DR
friends SNEA has wrote at their website dated 17/11/2016 that
(1) Its SNEA who has fought to upgrade the JTO pay scale and they also mention that in 2002 also they fought to upgrade JTO gp c to JTO gp B ,and they also mention the higher pay scale to JTO as 9850/

Now at least from that claim we all BSNL DR must analysis the fact ,that whether we have been benefited from their move fixing the BSNL DR at 9850/- or we would have been fixed at 10750/ as at that time there was no financial problem ,as BSNL recruited are not covered under any pension scheme ,so at least I am totally confused that whether they have done things in favour of DR or Against DR ,please think before casting your vote to SNEA
(2) Standard pay scale ,SNEA claim that they have made the standard pay issue live from 2014 strike notice (and practical no strike was done)

Friends I basic question is that whether SNEA was unaware till the 2014 about standard pay scale and if so then they does not deserved the DR votes and if they were aware about the standard pay scale then why SNEA was mum for almost 7 and half year and moreover if they are so strong association ,and just serving the strike notice they made this issue alive ,then why can’t they gone on strike practically (on web site they always on strike to make DR fool)
Friends as all of you know that it was AIGETOA who is on strike in 2009 and 2013 gone for 22 days strike and AIGETOA has also filed the case in Chandigarh CAT and won the case also ,so SNEA is just making fool to all DR to get the DR vote
(3) 30% SAB as per their website they claim that their consistent effort in 2014 make aware the management and they will fight for full 30% SAB

Friends it means SNEA has not gone in detail of 2nd PRC that’s why they rose the issue in 2014 by serving the strike notice for lunch hour demonstration ,more over it was Sh RP Sahu g who has studied whole PRC and it was one of the strike agenda point in 2009 and 2013 and every one can see the strike notice and strike done in 2009/2013 where we BSNL DR sit on the strike for 22 days ,then why SNEA is trying to publish again and again false fact ,whether we are illiterate or SNEA think that we all DR fool
(4) MT recruitment
Friends atleast in case of MT SNEA has the clear stand and they have many times publish and written letters to management that they want MT
So friends do we all DR want MT ? if no ,then why we should cast our valuable vote to SNEA.
friends all of you take guarantee ,that if SNEA won this election ,then no body can stop MT and our carrier will be be finished ,just casting our vote in favour of SNEA and all of you know that till date we all DR have not allowed MT and gone on strike in 2008/2009/2013/2015 and many more ,friends please recall that period of strike ,it was SNEA who played very very negative role in terms salary cut,memos and many more ,friends can we forgot the mental torture given by SNEA ,
So friends before casting your vote to SNEA please go through the history
Friends now the basic question arises to us that why SNEA Support MT ? the main reason is that maximum SNEA DS/CS/CHQ members become the regular DET/AGM and MT doesn’t effect them ,but it will effect the BSNL DR to kill our career ,so they want to spoil our career at any cost
(5) DGM Recruitment
Friends SNEA does not oppose the DGM recruitment in 2010 and give the easy path to management ,friends though AIGETOA has done strike in 2009 ,but management ask us why we are opposing DGM ,As BSNL DR does not have the 12 years experience and SNEA does not oppose that DGM ,even though nearly 2000 B.Tech SDO/SR SDOs were there with nearly 15 to 20 years experience ,
Friends when again BSNL issued advertisement for recruitment ,then It was AIGETOA who fought in 2013 strike and filed the case in Chandigarh CAT and PCAT Delhi and make eligible to apply the form ,but here one interesting thing I share with all of you that without doing any thing SNEA wrote to its site that
” congratulation friends with the consistent and legal effort of this association all of you become eligible to apply for DGM post “
Where as AIGETOA has never taken the credit ,as AIGETOA never want MT and DGM ,The case was also filed to derail the recruitment process and two days before the dgm Exam ,BSNL won the case and does not allow to write the exam ,friends it was RP Sahu who give the direct threat to management and make us to write the exam ,because RP Sahu g know that ,if once we write the exam ,then it is not going to happen and see the result today ,till date those DGMs have not been appointed till date and we all know that it was RP Sahu g who derail the process .
(6) 3rd PRC Formation
Friends as per SNEA site they claim that due to SNEA strike notice and lunch hour demonstration(practically we all know that they only do kuch hour demonstration on site only) ,they force the govt of India to form the 3rd PRC ,Friends one basic question arises in mind if SNEA is so strong and can force the GOI then ,why they were not able to resolve BSNL DR issue ,or they are making all BSNL DR fool,we must think and cast our vote accordingly
(7) friends as per SNEA website they have force the management for CPSU cadre hierarchy since 2014
Now again my basic question is that SNEA was unaware about CPSU CADRE HIERARCHY till 2014 ,even after formation of 14 Years of BSNL ,if so then they do not have the moral right to run the association ,more over after formation of AIGETOA , the AIGETOA have submitted the CPSU CADRE HIERARCHY proposal to then CMD Sh Kuldeep Goyel in 2008 itself and then Cmd sh kudeep Goyel has commented that if I am the owner of this company ,then I will be the first person to implement this CPSU cadre hierarchy, and he told that there are many other association who oppose this proposal, friends in SNEA Proposal ,they want sde to SR sde time bond must 10 years ,now you think why they want such proposal

Dear friends I may be wrong ,but as all we are well educated and please cross verify all the fact and if the above facts are correct then please at least do not cast your vote in favour SNEA ,and as we all know that if DRs will not cast in favour of SNEA ,then at least it is clear that they will not even cross 10000 and our little mistake will definitely help SNEA ,
So now remember our struggle time and salary cut and punish ,this dirty association ,who always cheat the BSNL DR ,but they want our vote ,so please my dear BSNL DR ,now time have reached to teach them lesson as without DR vote SNEA is nothing.

22-11-16 MVP Campaigning continues..

Anna Road

MV Campaigning was continued by Com Jayakumar ACS, Com Palani AFS, Com Narasimhan FS ARD, Com Raghuraman Coordinator BC, Com Varadarajulu Member BC, Com G.Sivaramakrishnan Member BC.



MV Campaigning was continued by Com N.Sukesh Kumar Dy Convenor and Booth Committee members at Sriperumbudur.


Karambakkam,Porur,Moulivakkam,Kundrathur, Virugambakkam, Saligramam RSUs on 17-11-2016

MV Campaigning was continued by Comrades of Booth Committee at Karambakkam, Porur, Moulivakkam, Kundrathur, Virugambakkam, Saligramam RSUs.


Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, Thirukazhukundram on 17-11-2016

MV Campaigning was continued by Com V.Raghuraman, Com C.Rajendiran and Booth Committee Members at Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, Thirukazhukundram 


Kalmandapam, Kaladipet, Ennore, Manali on 18-11-2016

MV Campaigning was continued by Com C.Rameshkumar OS(N), Com B.M Pandian BS BB and Booth Committee members at Kalmandapam, Kaladipet,Ennore and Manali.


 Anna Nagar Quarters on 21-11-2016

MV Campaigning was continued by Com R.Pahavalvanan Chariman Booth Committee, Com C.Rameshkumar OS(N), Com B.M Pandian BS BB and Booth Committee members at Anna Nagar Quarters.