04.11.16: Instructions to Sub(Booth) Committees

Sub (Booth)Committees for forthcoming Membership verification and works to be executed by Sub Committee was published in site on 14.10.16. CS has received queries everywhere that Sub Committee meetings are not conducted .Sub Committee must follow the instructions given.

All the Sub committees Chairman,Convenor & Coordinator should contact concerned Branch Secretary and Branch Office Bearers and carry out the following instructions.

  1. Sub (Booth)Committees shall follow Core committee guidelines.

  2. Sub(Booth) Committee will contact Branch Secretaries concerned for conducting the meeting and canvasing procedure.

  3. Sub (Booth) Committee convenor and concerned Branch Secretary will contact Press committee Chairman and convenor for further Advertisements.

  4. Sub (Booth) Committees convenor and Branch Secretary will collect the Manifesto and Pamplets from Circle Secretary.

  5. Core Committee, Sub (Booth)Committee and Press Committee should work together and implement new ideas for achieving No.1 position in the forthcoming Membership verification.

  6. All the three committees must follow the Circle Secretary instructions then and there for facing the Election in a smooth manner.

7. Organizing Secretaries are more responsible for convening the meeting and giving new thinking ideas to sub(booth) committees.

Circle Secretary request that Sub (Booth) Committees and respective Branch Secretaries along with COBs of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA should conduct meetings and canvasing  for review meeting at their level.