19.11.16 :Donations received from Members for Membership verification

The following Comrades came forward and donated for Membership Verification Expenditure.

  1. Com. R.Padmini AGM SW/CEC Member – Rs.2000/- (with condition)

  2. Com.K.Jayanthi SDE BB(I&M)/BP BBS -Rs.2000/-

  3. Com.T.Manivannan AGM CFA Mktg – Rs.2000/-

  4. Com.M.Veerammal JTO Thirumalai Pillai road- Rs.2000/-

  5. Com V.Lalitha JTO Extl Mambalam- Rs.2000/-

Circle Secretary appreciated the Comrades for voluntary contribution for meeting the expenses of GS visit for MVP canvassing on 22.10.16