06-12-2016: My sincere appeal to one and all..

My beloved Comrades,

The long drawn battle comes to an end. The 1st MVP has become a reality amidst speculations. I am extremely happy to observe the whole hearted overwhelming support extended by all of our Executives’ brethren where ever the Team AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA Combine visited.

As we submitted on day one, we reiterate that ours is an Association which thinks beyond caste, federation and political affinity.

First our Rival played the Caste card accusing AIBSNLEA does not support Roster based promotion and after our proving evidence to the fact that it is AIBSNLEA that asked the Personnel  Section to maintain status quo on roster, and having become unsuccessful in that attempt, they started showing their political color by way of certain gimmicks. After washing of their hands, in respect of Mr.Sahu Ex-GS-AIGETOA, during the 15-11-2016 Dharna, (the portion of a letter from DGM-SR on 11-11-2016 is copied as a clear evidence)

by clearly writing a letter to DIR-HR to withdraw the appeal marked to them, they have now found a savior in the same Com.Sahu and projects in their site to listen to the appeal from him. It is highly unfortunate for an Association that had leaders of stature like Bagchi, Seshagiri Rao, etc., to depend on others ignoring their own team.

Comrades, let us not be cowed down by all these happenings and my sincere appeal to one and all, especially the younger generation is that, your vote should not be decided by the Dictate of Last minute Ditches and as we appealed on day one, we once again request everyone to take a conscious Decision and vote for AIBSNLEA at Serial No 1 if you want to put an end to “Dirty Politics” that will impede the growth of BSNL.

First think of BSNL, then you will automatically vote for AIBSNLEA.

               “Vote for

                     Serial no:   1  

                                                     to make our BSNL Number One”.





26-11-2016 Polling Agents& Relief Agents List submitted to Returning Officer:-

CS today submitted the List of Polling Agents and Relief Agents nominated by AIBSNLEA CHTD to Returning Officer- GM(HR&A).

<< Polling Agents and Relief Agents List>>