29-12-16 Combined Dharna held at CGM TN Circle Office

Combined Dharna by United Forum of AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA and AITEEA of Chennai and TN Circle was held on 27-12-2016 and 28-12-2016 at CGM TN Circle Office. CS express heartfelt thanks to all the participants. Now the struggle has entered to the next phase. In this phase executives will implement Work According to Rule and Non cooperation. All executives are requested to follow the call from CHQ.

Glimpses of Dharna at Office of CGM TN Circle

21.12.16: Requirements from Branch Secretaries for Diary 2017

Requirements for Diary 2017 has been sent to GS, CHQ. Diaries will be delivered by end of this month. All Branch Secretaries are requested to send their requirements to Branch Secretary HRD/Circle Secretary .All the COBs  concerned shall coordinate with Branch Secretaries  for sending the requirements.


20-12-2016 Lunch Hour Demonstration held at CGM TN Circle Office

            Combined Lunch Hour Demonstration by AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA of CHTD and TN Circle was held at O/o CGM TN Circle Office, on 20-12-2016. Com Sivakumar CHQ President, Com Udayasuriyan OS(S)/CS CHTD, Com Umachandran CS AIGETOA CHTD along with other leaders delivered speech on the organisational activities after first Membership verification.  

         Primary Demand of the Organisational activities ie, Recognized Representative Association Status for AIBSNLEA at Circle level for the 17 Circles where AIBSNLEA is having lead in MVP was elaborated by the leaders. Steps taken by CHQ for Pursuing of the E2/E3 implementation issue and forfeiting other Associations claims were pointed out by CHQ President. OS(S)/CS  CHTD thanked all the members for immense support given during the MVP.  

           CS appreciated Com K.Raj Narayanan ACS for the Extra ordinary efforts taken for victory of United Forum during MVP. CS AIBSNLEA and CS AIGETOA was honored with shawl by Com Sivakumar CHQ President and Com Guruprasad Advisor CHQ for the thrilling victory of United Forum in Chennai TD.

19.12.16: Lunch Hour Demo at 13:00 hrs  on 20.12.16 at CGM TN Circle office called by United Forum of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA

As per CHQ directions,combined  Lunch Hour Demonstration will be held on 20.12.16 at CGM TN Circle office at 13:00 hrs , Greams Road,Chennai-06 by UF. Chennai Telephones and TN Circle will jointly conduct this programme.  All the Circle office bearers, Branch office bearers, CWC and CEC members should give wide publicity to members for participation in enmass. Circle Secretary requested AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA members to participate in the Lunch hour demonstration and make it a grand success.


14-12-2016 AIBSNLEA CHTD not participating in Strike, CS address to CGM CHTD

Keeping in mind of the Severe Cyclone that has devastated the life of people at Chennai, AIBSNLEA is not participating in the Strike to be held on 15-12-2016, called by United Forum of BSNL Associations and Unions. Since 13-12-2016 was a Public Holiday and services are yet to be restored members of AIBSNLEA CHTD will be working in full swing to ensure the restoration of services of BSNL in Chennai Telephones. CS address this matter to CGM CHTD.

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15-12-16 CHQ serves notice to CMD..

United Forum of Executives Association Comprising AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA & AITEEA serves upon Notice upon Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL for organizational actions against the delay in settlement of Burning HR issues and non-extension of Majority status to AIBSNLEA in the circles & SSAs where AIBSNLEA has secured majority with following charter of demand:

1. Recognition to AIBSNLEA as 2nd majority association at all India level with facilities at par with first majority association and as a 1st majority association in all those Circles/SSAs where it has secured majority.

2. Extension of 22,820 as initial basic to the executive’s recruited post 01.01.07.

3. Replacement of intermediate Pay Scales E1A, E2A by Standard Pay Scales of              E2-E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent executives.

4. Extension of 30% Superannuation Benefit to the BSNL Recruited Employees.

5. Implementation of CPSU Hierarchy in line with the recommendations of the            Khan Committee.

6. Issuance of Posting Orders for LDCE-2015 qualified candidates and notification      of SDE RRs.

7. Immediate conduction of various CPCs in all the disciplines to fill up the vacant      group-A and Group B equivalent posts in a time bound manner.

 8. 1st Time bound upgradation in four years.

9. Resolution of pending Rule-8 cases and clearance of waiting list from the JTOs         qualified through LICE.

10. Scrapping of MT RRs/DGM RRs,

11. Notional Pay fixation of all upgraded pay scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000 of JTO/SDE           (C/E/Arch/TF) Engg. Wings and PA cadre.

12. Extension of one increment to LDCE-2012 passed candidates

13. Diversion of  50% MT quota CAO Posts to the seniority quota.

14. Extension of E1+5 increments to JTO SRD, JAO 2010, 2013 and 2015 batches.

15. Removal of Pay anomaly of JTOs Promoted from TTAs of outside quota.

                        Protest action Program:

1. 20nd December 2016: Massive Demonstration at SSA/circle/BSNL CO during             Lunch / Closing Hrs.

2. 27th and 28th December 2016: 2 Days Dharna at SSA/Circle and BSNL CO level.

3. Work According to Rules and Complete Non-Cooperation with effect from 27th       December 2016.

4. “Dilli Chalo” w.e.f. 10th January 2017 for Indefinite Dharna at BSNL Corporate          Office New Delhi till resolution of the issues.


All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/District Secretaries are requested to make the above program  a grand success.


14:12:16:(3) Message to Members of AIBSNLEA ,CHTD regarding 15.12.2016 day long Strike:

Severe cyclone has devastated Chennai, Kancheepuram and Thiruvalluvar District on 12.12.2016 .Many RSUs /DLCs had gone down and are yet to be set right in ChTD since 13.12.16 was a holiday on account of Milad-un-nabi. Further TNEB supply has not been restored in many places till now. Executives are working in full swing for restoration of service. Hence in order to give continuous service to our esteemed customers at this crucial juncture, AIBSNLEA Chennai Telephones will not participate in tomorrow (15.12.16) strike.(Letter addressed to CGM ChTD intimating the above stand by CS,AIBSNLEA,ChTD)


12-12-2016: Circle Secretary extended his heartful thanks for winning the First MVP Election.

(1) My Dear Executive Brethren’s,

I am extremely happy & feel honored by the overwhelming support you have extended to AIBSNLEA and electing it as the Majority Representative Association in our Chennai Telephone District. I am short of words to express my sincere gratitude to one and all.

Comrades, this victory is a result of dedicated Team work by each and every one of us for the past one month. CS conveys thanks especially to Core Committee, Sub Committee (Booth),COBs, BOBs for their tremendous involvement in this election.

Heartfelt thanks to AIGETOA for extending full support which also paved the way for winning the Election.

I am fully aware of the fact that, by this glorious victory, my responsibilities have also increased manifold and I shall put in my best effort to honor all the commitments made to our colleagues across BSNL-Ch.TD.

Additionally, it is my duty to remind all my Circle and Branch office bearers that it is time we consolidate further and strengthen our AIBSNLEA by way of increasing the membership. It is our foremost responsibility to apprise the smaller groups to realize the need for unity, and ensure that they amalgamate under one umbrella namely AIBSNLEA if we are to face the Management in an effective manner.