12-12-2016: Circle Secretary extended his heartful thanks for winning the First MVP Election.

(1) My Dear Executive Brethren’s,

I am extremely happy & feel honored by the overwhelming support you have extended to AIBSNLEA and electing it as the Majority Representative Association in our Chennai Telephone District. I am short of words to express my sincere gratitude to one and all.

Comrades, this victory is a result of dedicated Team work by each and every one of us for the past one month. CS conveys thanks especially to Core Committee, Sub Committee (Booth),COBs, BOBs for their tremendous involvement in this election.

Heartfelt thanks to AIGETOA for extending full support which also paved the way for winning the Election.

I am fully aware of the fact that, by this glorious victory, my responsibilities have also increased manifold and I shall put in my best effort to honor all the commitments made to our colleagues across BSNL-Ch.TD.

Additionally, it is my duty to remind all my Circle and Branch office bearers that it is time we consolidate further and strengthen our AIBSNLEA by way of increasing the membership. It is our foremost responsibility to apprise the smaller groups to realize the need for unity, and ensure that they amalgamate under one umbrella namely AIBSNLEA if we are to face the Management in an effective manner.