20-12-2016 Lunch Hour Demonstration held at CGM TN Circle Office

            Combined Lunch Hour Demonstration by AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA of CHTD and TN Circle was held at O/o CGM TN Circle Office, on 20-12-2016. Com Sivakumar CHQ President, Com Udayasuriyan OS(S)/CS CHTD, Com Umachandran CS AIGETOA CHTD along with other leaders delivered speech on the organisational activities after first Membership verification.  

         Primary Demand of the Organisational activities ie, Recognized Representative Association Status for AIBSNLEA at Circle level for the 17 Circles where AIBSNLEA is having lead in MVP was elaborated by the leaders. Steps taken by CHQ for Pursuing of the E2/E3 implementation issue and forfeiting other Associations claims were pointed out by CHQ President. OS(S)/CS  CHTD thanked all the members for immense support given during the MVP.  

           CS appreciated Com K.Raj Narayanan ACS for the Extra ordinary efforts taken for victory of United Forum during MVP. CS AIBSNLEA and CS AIGETOA was honored with shawl by Com Sivakumar CHQ President and Com Guruprasad Advisor CHQ for the thrilling victory of United Forum in Chennai TD.