10.01.2017: CWC meeting at Faridabad (Haryana) on 08.01.17 & 09.01.17

Central Working Committee [CWC] meeting was held at Faridabad (Haryana) on 08.01.17 & 09.01.17 as per the notification of AIBSNLEA for First Central Working Committee meeting after 5th All India Conference from 8th to 9th January 2017.

Circle Secretary along with CWC member Com.B.Ganesan attended the meeting. Due to cancellation/rescheduling of trains and flights due to heavy fog in Delhi ,other CWC members could not attend the meeting.

Session started on 8th Jan 17 with full enthusiasm from CWC members. All India President Com.S.Sivakumar presided over the meeting. All the formalities adopted in first day. Circle Secretary report submitted in front of CWC members. GS summed up all the Circle Secretaries reports.GS also submitted minutes of 5th All India Conference.

Joint Session of AIBSNEA,AIGETOA and AITEEA was held on 09.01.2017 at 12:00 PM and went on upto 06:00 PM. All the General Secretaries and Presidents of the three Associations addressed the gathering.

Our veteran leaders Com.Bagchi and Com.Koushik GS Team (MTNL) delivered special address. They stressed the need for amalgamation of the three Associations for effective functioning and which is the need of the hour. Finally all the Circle Secretaries, CWC members condemned Management for acting partially to SNEA and urged for demanding equal status for our Association.

Circle Secretary in his speech insisted for immediate action for JTO to SDE and SDE to DE ,JAO to AO and AO to CAO ,DE to DGM Adhoc promotion orders. Circle Secretary report is given below.

AIBSNLEA / ChTD / 2016-17 / AIC / CS REPORT/01     Date: 08-01-2017

Respected President, our beloved GS and my dear Comrades,

I am extremely happy to be here on the occasion of our First CWC after the successful fifth All India Conference at Mysore, and I wish to submit a few points before this August Forum.

Comrades, I wish to happily share our victory in Chennai Telephones in the First MVP with a marvelous margin of 48%. All over India we got 18,438 votes and SNEA got 20,128 votes. I am satisfied on the stupendous performance of entire AIBSNLEA during the 1st MVP on 07-12-2016. Even though we fell just short of first position, it is a remarkable show of strength on our part and the entire credit goes to our CHQ Team lead by beloved GS Comrade Prahlad Rai.

Let us not lose our heart on falling short of expectations, since this happened because of a calculated last minute ditch on the part of our close confidant Sri.R.P.Sahu. It is highly unfortunate that a fighter like Com.R.P.Sahu has fallen prey to black mailing and threat from the other quarters. As I have published in my Chennai site, we have nothing but to sympathize for the so called majority SNEA for having stooped down to such a level. It is also a black spot for an Association like SNEA to take recourse in Sri.R.P.Sahu for a victory.      Analysis for failure:

However, a self introspection is also the need of the hour for us to analyze the other factors that might have contributed for the reduction in votes and I observe the following are the probable reasons that might have been the cause for a reduction in our final count. 

1.The splitting of votes amongst the DR due to a wrong illusion created in their mind by an orchestrated misinformation campaign that AIBSNLEA is not keen on E2- E3 even though the reality is otherwise. – We need to educate the base level members further.

2.The apprehension that being an Association of senior Executives, we may not be vociferous in settling transfer cases under Rule-8 – we must impress them that we are a combination of young and experienced and we are second to none when it comes to the fighting spirit.

 3.The absenteeism also has cast its shadow on our votes tally. – This must be taken as       as a lesson for the future.

Points for deliberation:  Further, I would like to place before this august forum, the following points discussed in our CEC at Chennai on 04-01-17 for added discussion and early resolution.

  1. Apart from proposed Trade Union activities, we should resort to legal course to get equal status as that of SNEA. To substantiate our views, it must be argued that While SNEA has got 45.32%, it indirectly means that 55% of the Executives are not supporting it, and thereby they have not obtained a simple majority to stay alone.The results must not have been declared Circle wise, if they are to award a Pan India Recognition only. Having declared the results in such a fashion, the simple arithmetic and the principle of natural justice says 17/31 is bigger than 14/31, moreover this demand is also in line with the principle of Federal Structure envisaged in our constitution. Else it amounts to imposing the management’s choice on the voters ignoring their preference in the respective circles.

  1. For better co ordination and in the interest of all the stake holders in the long run, the resolve to merge AIGETOA with AIBSNLEA (A decision of AIC-Mysore) must be implemented in true spirit and the amalgamation of AITEEA also must be completed soon to make ours a more vibrant organization. Once completed, we can go in for further consolidation by way of merger of more like minded groups viz ABLE, BASE, AIBSNLOA so that we can straightaway outnumber the so called Majority. 

  1. DPC from JAO to AO and AO to CAO should be done immediately and orders released before February 2017, since more than 1200 AO Posts are vacant and also it is almost three years ever since the last DPC to CAO was held. Further, posting of CAOs in the same circle wherever vacancies exist is to be taken care of.

  1. The promotion of JTOs is held up for an unprecedented period due to Court Cases and we need to intervene effectively so as to render justice for our comrades retiring month after month even without a single promotion spanning over 35 years of service.

  2. It is informed that our comrades after assuming charge as DGMs Adhoc are getting one increment but that is not taken in to consideration for their retirement benefit and this was taken up only by our GS earlier but it is still pending for resolution.

  1. The assurances given by the then CMD / Dir-HR regarding relieving the officers posted out of circle back to their parent circle exactly after two years of completion of their stay is not honored in true spirit by the Personnel section and the delay some time exceeds six months. I request our GS to take up the issue and ensure that all officers completing two years of stay outside, are issued with Transfer Orders by the BSNL CO immediately. (It is to be noted that even after issue of BSNL CO orders, the respective circles and SSAs take their own time for relieving leading to heartburn amongst the Executives who have obeyed the orders of BSNL CO.

  1. We are constrained to record our displeasure by the way the issue of promotion to DGM-Adhoc from DE cadre for those who have completed 3 years of service in STS was handled. We are of the firm opinion that had we put in more efforts, most of our senior comrades would have got their DGM promotion 9 months back. Hence it is once again reiterated that our GS must use his best rapport with the Management and get the orders released this month itself.

On the organization front, we are proud to state that AIBSNLEA-ChTD has taken extreme precautions to ensure victory for us in the 1st MVP and one such activity was the merger of NTEA with AIBSNLEA. 

Comrades, to conclude, I am fully confident that AIBSNLEA will bounce back like a “Phoenix” setting aside the temporary failure. I also wish to submit that we all should rededicate ourselves with further interest and enthusiasm towards strengthening our Association and concentrate more on membership enrollment.

With best wishes, 

Yours’ Comradely,

P.UDAYASURIYAN, Circle Secretary, ChTD