25.01.17 : CS met GM (HR & Admn) and discussed  various HR issues

Circle Secretary along with ACS Com.Rajnarayanan, OS Central Com.Elango, Com.Selvan BP HRD and Com.Sivakumar BS HRD cum FS met GM (HR& Admn) on 24.01.17  and discussed various HR issues. The following few important issues were discussed in detail in spite of his busy schedule.

  1. Uniform procedure to be adopted in various cadres.

  2. Redeployment of SDE and above should be done centrally by Circle Admin and should not be done by Areas.(supporting letter submitted)

  1. Redeployment of JTOs within the Area can be done by Area GM with counselling of JTOs.(supporting letter submitted)

      4.PA,PS long stay should be taken into account only for present cadre and  among them junior/senior shall be shifted as per department guidelines.

      5.CS has been always insisting on work study for deployment of JTO/SDEs in needy                     places.Work study should be done before shifting of officers in a  justified manner.

GM (HR & Admn) patiently listened and responded positively to all the issues and intimated that he will discuss the issues with Head of Circle.