27.02.17: OS South attended TN Cricle Conference on 25.02.17 at Vellore

      On 25.02.17 second day of TN Circle conference Com.S.Sivakumar Circle Secretary presented the keynote address and highlighted the various important points. OS South Com. P.Udayasuriyan attended TN Circle Conference open session at Vellore on 25.02.17. Smt.N.Poonguzhali CGM TN was the Chief guest for the open session with Seminar .Sri.G.Ravi PGM (Fin) TN Circle, Sri.P.Santhosam Sr.GM Vellore & GSM Plg,Sri.Subrata Chatterjee GM (HR) Circle office, Sri.V.K.Sanjeevi GM(HQ),STP  were the Guest of Honour. All the officers gave elaborate speech on the Topic of Seminar “Converting the New Challenges as Opportunities in the Competitive Arena and making BSNL as a Profit making PSU”.

Special address was given by our beloved GS Com.Prahladrai, Com.P.Udayasuriyan OS(South) CHQ and Com.R. Guruprasad Advisor,CHQ. GS explained the latest development of BSNL and latest 3rd PRC recommendations.3rd PRC will be implemented after completion of Assembly election in five states.

OS South in his speech highlighted the MTNL merger proposal by Govt. Already BSNL is struggling for retaining the customers and is trying to meet out the loss. During this critical period merger of MTNL which is also loss making PSU with BSNL will worsen the situation. Though Reliance JIO is offering all free services, our customers are still with us and hence we should give good service to our loyal customers. OS requested to Chief Guest that all SSA GMs should give respect to SSA District office bearers since our Association is also equally recognized and also responsible Association which was also mentioned by Chief Guest during her address. In TN Circle transfer policy is not implemented for the last ten years. If it is implemented there will be improvement in service.


24-02-2017 TN Circle AIBSNLEA 6th Circle Conference

6th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA Tamilnadu Circle will be held on 24-02-2017 and 25-02-2017 at AKM Mahal, Ariyur Road, Vellore. CS CHTD /OS(S) CHQ will be attending the Open Session to be held on 25-02-2017. Smt N.Poonguzhali CGMT TN Circle will be the Chief Guest for the Open Session.CGM(F), PGM(F) and Other GMs of TN Circle will also attend the open session. Seminar will be conducted on “Converting the NEW CHALLENGES as OPPORTUNITIES in the Competitive Arena and making BSNL as Profit Making PSU“. 

22-02-2017 Area Secretary for North Area nominated

Com B.M Pandian presently  Branch Secretary  BBS Branch is nominated as Area Secretary for North Area for making Association activities more effective in North Area.  Area Secretary will work for the improvement of Association activities, enhancing the membership, keeping in touch with members of North Area, ensuring membership subscription etc. Already  Com C.Rameshkumar OS(N) is taking care of North Area, and considering vastness of North Area new AS is posted. Com Pandian will coordinate with OS(N) and ACS for further growth of our Association.

17-02-2017 Status report on 3rd PRC:CHQ News

GS met with GM (SR) and discussed regarding the status of 3rd PRC recommendations with reference to BSNL. GM (SR) informed that after the presentation given by DoT to the Group of Secretaries meeting held on 02.02.2017 wherein DoT has been advised to submit  the financial  position of the PSUs under the control of DoT. Accordingly, DoT has asked the feedback / comments of BSNL by Monday in this regard which is being replied shortly.

It is understood that as per 3rd PRC interim report, if a PSU has 20 % liability of PBT (Profit Before Tax) on account of 3rd PRC implementation it may give 15% fitment, PSU having 30% liability of PBT on account of 3rd PRC implementation may give 10% fitment and PSU having 40% liability of PBT on account of 3rd PRC implementation may give 5% fitment benefit.

At present BSNL’s PBT is minus in %age. In view of that we have pleaded 3rd PRC to take operational profit of a PSU instead of PBT into consideration.

17-02-2017 CHQ News on JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion case..

     The arguments on JTO(T) to SDE(T) case continued for the three days on 15, 16 and 17th Feb.2017 at Hon’ble High Court Ernakulam. The matter was related to three writ petitions, it was heard in detail by the Senior Counsel. From BSNL side, Sh. R.D. Aggarawalla, Senior Advocate from New Delhi appeared for all the 3 days. The arguments concluded on 17th Feb.2017 evening and the Hon’ble High Court reserved the case for pronouncing judgment. 

      One Association’s Advocate wanted to remand to case to be heard again in the Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam but BSNL’s Sr. Advocate Sh. R.D. Aggarawalla opposed of remanding the case in view of further delay the case. He pleaded that there is acute stagnation in the career progression of JTOs and in BSNL field units the work is suffering due to the shortage of SDEs/SDOs. Hon’ble High Court appreciated the pleading and the case could be saved from remanding further to Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam.

15.02.17: OS South attended merger meeting of AIBSNLOA Trichy with AIBSNLEA TN at Trichy on 14.02.17.

More than 75 comrades from AIBSNLOA Trichy, Karaikudi, Coimbatore, Erode SSA under the leadership  of Com. Kamaraj Ex DS AIBSNLOA/Trichy, Com. Dhanuskodi, Ex COB now in Erode ,Com Sakthivel Ex. DS CBE, Com Ramanathan Ex D.S Karaikudi joined  AIBSNLEA  in the presence of CHQ president Com. S.Sivakumar and Com P. Udayasuriyan Org. Secretary (South) CHQ.  A grand merger function was conducted at Hotel Arun Trichy on 14.02.17 chaired by Abdul Salam DP AIBSNLEA Trichy. Com. Mohan D.S Trichy delivered the welcome address and Com. Kamaraj delivered inaugural address. All the four DSs of AIBSNLOA joined AIBSNLEA and delivered amalgamation address.They were very happy to join parent Association- AIBSNLEA.All the front line leaders welcomed newly joined AIBSNLEA comrades. Com.Bangaru Krishnasamy, Circle President, Com. M.K. Ganesan ACS, Com. N. Veerapandian CWC member, Com. P. Udayasuriyan, C.S CHTD cum Organising Secretary(South) CHQ and Com. S.Sivakumar CHQ president delivered Special Address.

 Newly joined AIBSNLOA leaders assured to strengthen AIBSNLEA in Tamilnadu Circle.  Com. S.Sivakumar All India President guaranteed to safeguard the interest of the comrades who have joined in AIBSNLEA.

  As per request of OS South Com.P.Udayasuriyan and CHQ president honoured  the newly joined leaders of AIBSNLOA with shawl. OS South in his special address mentioned that Com.Kamaraj is having very good organising skills and very good rapport with base level members and AIBSNLEA TN should utilize his expertise and selfless service for improving the membership of engineering cadre. OS South explained in detail the history starting from TESA joining with AIJTOA in 2004. Com Periasamy delivered vote of thanks.  The merger function was arranged in a grand manner by the Trichy Comrades.

Press Coverage

14-02-2017 Merger of Comrades to AIBSNLEA

Merger Meeting of Comrades from Other Associations to AISBSNLEA TN Circle held on  14-02-2017 (Tuesday) at 10:00 am Location: Hotel Arun, Near Railway Junction, Trichy. Press Meet was conducted before the Merger meeting.

Com S.Sivakumar President/CHQ, Com P.Udayasuriyan OS/South/CHQ, Com N.Bangaru Circle President, Com N.Veerapandian Ex CS, AIBSNLEA TN and other Office Bearers of AIBSNLEA TN Circle attended the meeting. Efforts taken by Com Kamraj, Trichy was appreciated during the meeting.



13.02.17: CS attended Sixth AP Circle Conference at Hyderbad as OS South


OS South attended Sixth AP Circle Conference at Hyderabad on 11.02.17.General Secretary Com.Prahalad Rai  along with All India President Com.S.Sivakumar attended the meeting. CGM Telungana, PGM Hyderabad and other senior officers attended the open session. Function was arranged in a grand manner with good hospitality. Even though we lost in MVP in AP all the SSAs delegates attended the conference with zest.All the Committee members worked with enthusiasm and made the conference grand success. Our Association has been bifurcated into Telungana and AP. Separate new office bearers Election was held and elected for Telungana and AP. Highlights of the OS South address is as follows.

  1. AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA merger should be done immediately and need of the hour. Both side should take initiative and act swiftly.

  2. OS South appealed to CGM Telungana to give No1 status to our Association in Telungana and to SSAs in AP wherever we have won.

    If HR integration Accounts and Engineering wing is implemented ,OS South insisted to GS to take up this matter with BSNL CO that GM Finance and GM Personnel should report to PGM/CGM.

11-02-2017 Review of Member Subscription Forms submitted

OS(S) and CS of South Circles are asked by CHQ for the details of Members Subscription Forms details submitted till date. All the Branch Secretaries are requested to intimate the number of applications received and submitted at Accounts Office across different Business Areas,  to Com Shivkumar FS CHTD. Com Krishnan ACS to contact each Branch Secretary  and give directions. Details are to be submitted from Circle  to CHQ before 11am of 13-02-2017. So all the Branch and Circle Office Bearers are requested to act fast and responsibly for furnishing the details at the earliest. Kindly take the matter seriously.