31-01-2017 Retirement on Superannuation..

Com Sri G.Krishnan DGM KAL(O&M) was retired on superannuation on 31-01-2017.  CS honored Com G.Krishnan with shawl during the farewell function at chamber of GM North Smt. S. Leela Shankari. Along with CS, Com B.Ganesan CWC Member, Com Neduvel Annal AGM SE and other members were present during the function. All the wishes for a healthy retired life for Com G.Krishnan. 

Com Nirmala Subramanian Principal RTTC BP(RTTC & DTTC) is retiring on VRS on 03-02-2017. CS met comrade and felicitated with shawl and remembered the contributions she had made to BSNL and Association. Com D.Sridharan BS and Com Selvi also wished her during the occasion. 

Com C.Nandagopal DE AMB was retired on superannuation on  31-01-2017. Comrade was felicitated during the Ambattur Annual General Body Meeting held at Ambattur on 21-01-2017. CS remembered that he was an active and strong member during the function.

fc1b17d4-7d9f-4735-a66f-abe13307c11f AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes a Happy and Healthy retired life for all the staff retired today. Thankyou for the services you have rendered to BSNL…