09-03-2017 Combined march by Unions and Associations

     CS attended the combined Demonstration of BSNL Unions and Associations on 09-03-2017 at Flower Bazar Exchange. CS gave a fabulous speech on the reasons of deterioration of BSNL.  

       Our Services are majorly concentrated across the villages of India, focussing on the service not on the profit.Other private sector companies are focusing only on the profit and giving services in urban areas only. During 2006, BSNL had a revenue of Rs.40,000/- Crores and a profit in the range of Rs.8000/- to Rs.10,000/- crores. In 2010, it met with loss for the first time in history. In between, in 2007, RS.450 Lk Tender for development of GSM /Procurement of Equipments was cancelled and in 2009, Rs.930 Lakh Tender was cancelled. Due to this we were unable to compete with other Telecom companies in terms of technology.

        No development activities are done from 2007 in BSNL. Overseas Communication Services were also taken from BSNL.  At Chennai, Uttarakhand and J&K when flood came BSNL was the only telecom company to give timely service to its customers, with least disturbance.

       After BSNL was formed in 2000, around 1.5Lakhs Employees retired and only 30,000 employees were recruited.  

            Presently talks are about Huge loss of MTNL and how to dispose MTNL. On one side plans are for how to merge loss making PSU MTNL with BSNL. On the other side it is planned to form a new Tower company by taking over 61000 towers out of 75000 BSNL Towers.Slowly the hidden agenda of bringing BSNL to sick PSU list is carried out and it has evidently come out now.

It is underlined that until Unity of BSNL Associations and Unions is there, none of these hidden agenda are going to be happened in BSNL.

Members of AIBSNLEA attended in the demonstration in large number.