29-03-2017: CHQ LATEST NEWS…

 CPC from DE to DGM (Engg.): GS discussed with Jt. GM (Pers.) regarding CPC from DE to DGM(Engg.), Jt. GM(Pers.) informed that CPC work is in progress but the Chairman CPC and some Members of CPC are desirous of seeing all APARs along with Screening Committee report. PGM (Pers.)  has also discussed the matter and convinced them. Efforts are being made to expedite the CPC before 31stMarch, 2017.

GS discussed with PGM(EW), The Chairman CPC from DE to DGM (Engg.) & requested to give an early clearance to CPC. Also explained that Screening Committee reports from Circles have been collected as per the direction given by the Competent Authority. In view of this, we further requested PGM(EW) to give clearance to CPC having sample check of some APARs. PGM (EW) assured an early action in this regard.

28.03.2017:  CPC from DE to DGM (Engg):

Screening Committee Report is not received from PB, BR and JKND Circles…….. Respective Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to arrange to send the same immediately to Pers. Cell,BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi…..