31-03-2017:- CHQ NEWS…

CPC from DE to DGM (Engg.):  GS discussed with concerned authorities of Pers. Cell regarding the progress of CPC for promotion from DE to DGM. It is understood that the CPC work is in progress. All the committee members of the CPC and Chairman are securitizing the ACRs/APARs. The CPC work is likely to be completed by the Thursday of the next week. Thereafter, the promotion orders are expected on Friday i.e. on  07.04.2017 to fill-up about 388 vacant DGM posts. 

Our senior comrades are continuously  calling and told  to OS South  “Today b…. day for seniors” because last July 2016 onwards, we are  waiting.. waiting……but not able to  achieved even last day of Financial  Year 2016-2017. Comrade GS sorry  not able to convinced them as CS / OS South CHQ.