21-04-2017: CHQ news

1.Meeting with CMD, BSNL by GS, AGS (HQ) met with CMD, BSNL discussed regarding:

DE to DGM [Telecom] (CPC): We requested to early issuance of promotion orders from DE to DGM (Engg.). CMD assured to look into the matter.

2.Meeting with PGM (Pers) by GS, AGS (HQ) met with PGM (Pers) and discussed following point:

DE to DGM (CPC): We requested to expedite the CPC for promotion from DE to DGM (Engg.). PGM Pers.) Mentioned that CPC work is completed for 502 DEs out of the total zone of consideration of 585 DEs. About 83 APARs are still pending for CPC. However, to fill-up 388 vacant DGM Posts promotion and posting orders will be issued in the next week after approval of the competent authority.



21.04.17: Circle Secretary met CGM, Chennai Telephones on 18.04.17

Circle Secretary met Chief General Manager ChTD on 18.04.17 and had lengthy discussion regarding the letter submitted to CGM on 17.04.17. CGM in spite of busy schedule devoted time and patiently heard about all the issues. CGM is always thinking about the development of BSNL and discussed regarding improvement of revenue. She insisted that LL/Broadband has to be improved in Rural areas since many Educational Institutions are located in rural areas. Circle Secretary assured that our Association will extend full support to the management in respect of developmental activities in Chennai Telephones.


17.04.17:  CS submitted letter to CGM, CHTD on 15.04.2017

Emergency Circle Office Bearers meeting decision:-  Circle Secretary submitted letter to CGM & GM HR & Admn regarding discrimination against AIBSNLEA Members continuously  in  GM, Central Area (DGM C&A- ARD). 

                AIBSNLEA/ChTD/2017-18 / CGM/01   DATE: 15-04-2017

To:   The Chief General Manager, BSNL, ChTD, No.78,P.H.Road, Chennai-10.

Sub:  Discrimination against AIBSNLEA Members in Central Area -Reg.          

Ref 1:  Our letter dated 16-12-2016 addressed to CGM-ChTD

Ref 2:  Our letter dated 12-01-2017 addressed to CGM-ChTD

Respected Madam,

In continuation of our earlier letters cited above (copies enclosed), I am constrained to  submit that there is a concerted effort to harass the Executives belonging to  AIBSNLEA in Central Area and our respected GM-Central is falling a prey to that, thereby leading to unrest amongst our cadre in this commercially important Sector of Ch.TD.

We have listed out a few of such incidents that has clearly established the biased attitude shown  only against our members in Central Area but still this tirade continues, the recent incident being getting an Administrative order from No.89,Millers Road for  shifting of an SDE (LA), Smt.S..Poongothai from HRD 5ESS Internal to NTN-RSU against her interest and her Request transfer is already pending for disposal at O/o AGM Admn Millers road. When there was an attempt to shift her earlier, we have brought the same to the notice of our CGM and our CGM was kind enough to restrict that proposal by prevailing upon the GM-Central on the importance of Switch Room activities in Central Area especially Haddows Road where numerous ISDN-PRI are working and also most importantly the FTTH is parented.

Our emergency Circle Office Bearers meeting held on 15th April 2017 to discuss mainly this issue has resolved to strongly condemn such unwarranted shifting of Executives. AIBSNLEA, Chennai Telephones is of the considered opinion that since our CGM has earlier functioned in Central Zone thereby having complete knowledge on the priorities involved in this commercially important Area, the importance of maintaining the Switches with sufficient Executives for enhanced Revenue, shall be better known to our CGM.

HRD 5ESS is located in 1st Floor  working with remote (RSU) with 1 SDE+ 1 SDE LA and no TTA & HRD OCB is in 5th  Floor working with 14 RSUs with working  strength of 1 SDE+1 SDE LA +No TTA .

 5ESS MSU Switch consists of 1 RSU, 7 DLC sites, 70 PRIs and FTTH Voice Provisioning for entire Chennai Telephone District. The commercial important PRI customers like NABARD, Income Tax, Sankara Nethralaya Eye Hospital, PARK Hotel, SBI, SAIL, BHEL and AMMA call centre. Major activity of the migration of the 5000 FTTH lines from Noida SS to Gurgaon SS is pending.

OCB Switch consisting of 9 RSUs, 12 DLC sites, 117 PRIs spread across various geographical locations. The Commercial important PRI customers like Apollo Hospital, MRF, PARK Hotel, Income Tax, SBI, Star Health (10 PRIs), SBI, SAIL, BHEL, AMMA call centre, Scope International and Indian Oil are served by OCB Switch.

Hence it was decided to request your kind intervention immediately and retain the same SDE LA  for maintaining  the highest Revenue earning Exchanges in Ch.TD in a smooth manner.      With warm regards, 


Copy to: 

  1.  The General Manager – HR & ADMN –ChTD – For kind infn pl.
  1. The General Manager- Central: BSNL ChTD – For kind infn pl.


15.04.17: Bharat Ratna Dr.B.R.Ambedkar 127th Birthday Celebrations with Merit and Memorial awards distribution

Circle Secretary attended Bharat Ratna Dr.B.R.Ambedkar 127th Birthday Celebrations with Merit and Memorial awards distribution on 14.04.17 at Hall of Inspiration, Anna Road Exchange complex presided over by CGM Chennai Telephones. GM Finance and GM(HR & Admn) participated in the function. Circle Secretary delivered inspirational speech.Some key points are given below.

  1. For the past two years Chennai was severely affected by natural calamities. In 2015 from Nov 28th to 3rd Dec there was heavy flood in Chennai and in Dec 15th 2016 vardah cyclone devastated Chennai. Our network was badly affected. BSNL CO has not given timely support by allotting replacement for damaged cables and equipment.

    2  Customer Service Centre staff and officers who are in the front end to customers should be polite and receive customers with smiling face, treat them cordially, hear their grievances  patiently  for retaining the valuable customers and improve the customer base.

  1. ChTD and CPT SSA is a compact zone and we would have shown more improvement but could not do so as compared to TN Circle which is more vast and consisting of 17 SSAs. Deep study/analysis should be done in this regard.

  2. Proper Marketing and wide publicity should be given for BB plans available in BSNL since in this era everything is done through internet. All the institutions and colleges use internet. So irrespective of cadre kindly market 1091 plan.

  3. All the service Unions and Associations should educate their members and should work together especially both recognized Unions compromising their comforts/issues for improvement of BSNL Chennai Telephones.

    Circle Secretary congratulated all award winners and appreciated the organizers for making the function  a grand success.



12.04.17: Undue delay in DE to DGM(Telecom) Promotion

There is unjustifiable delay in declaring DE to DGM Promotion without any valid reason created this time for DPC  by the DPC committee. Irrespective of Senior members of Associations called CS chtd/ OS South,CHQ and enquired about the unwanted delay in this promotion. Circle Secretary spoke to GS today regarding this and expressed members feeling & his displeasure and requested GS to take prompt/ initiative action with CMD BSNL and speed up the process for releasing the DGM promotion at the earliest . Senior comrades are waiting from July 2016 .Meanwhile review DPC had not taken place and many Comrades had retired in due course. Association cannot be run without members and Association should take care of Members welfare and grievance. GS kindly read our own Members mind and try to solve the issues.


11.04.17: Circle Secretary met GM South for maintaining cordial relation between Association and Management

Circle Secretary met GM South on 11.04.17 and had detailed discussion about Technical issues viz Fibre cut , Battery Power Plant and AC problems, coordination with TXM  for fibre cut/power loss issues by local Exchange officers. Circle secretary had discussion on frequently cutting of BSNL cables by Reliance GIO in South area and disrupting our service and spoiling our image.

CS discussed regarding pending bills of South area. Accounts and Engineering wing should coordinate and work together for clearing the pending bills.

We should concentrate on VLBB and FTTH for increasing the customer base in South area.


06-04-2017 Lunch Hour Demonstration at CHTD

AIBSNLEA & AITEEA conducted Lunch Hour Demonstration on 06.04.2017 at BSNL Corporate Office / Circle / SSA HQs as a protest against the arbitrary notification of DoT OM dated 28.03.2017 and non-submission of Committee report on Pay anomaly case i.e. Rs. 22820/- as initial basic for JTOs/JAOs recruited post 2007.

Lunch Hour demonstration was held at CGM Office,CHTD with mass participation. New faces and Post 2007 JTO/JAOs participated in the demonstration in large number. This is the indication of more executives participating in the future agitation programs and achieving our demands. Keeping in mind that this agitation is purely for the purpose of post 2007 executives, CS and ACS request maximum strength for the future programs. 



06-04-2017: CPC from DE to DGM (Engg.)

Our GS, AGS (HQs) and AGS (Fin) met with PGM (Pers.) and discussed regarding the status of CPC from DE to DGM (Engg). PGM (Pers) informed that the work is going on smoothly, The CPC members are checking all the APARs. The work is likely to be completed by tomorrow and thereafter the posting orders will be issued in the next week.