12.04.17: Undue delay in DE to DGM(Telecom) Promotion

There is unjustifiable delay in declaring DE to DGM Promotion without any valid reason created this time for DPC  by the DPC committee. Irrespective of Senior members of Associations called CS chtd/ OS South,CHQ and enquired about the unwanted delay in this promotion. Circle Secretary spoke to GS today regarding this and expressed members feeling & his displeasure and requested GS to take prompt/ initiative action with CMD BSNL and speed up the process for releasing the DGM promotion at the earliest . Senior comrades are waiting from July 2016 .Meanwhile review DPC had not taken place and many Comrades had retired in due course. Association cannot be run without members and Association should take care of Members welfare and grievance. GS kindly read our own Members mind and try to solve the issues.