29-04-2017 Retirement on Superannuation

Com P.Sangili DGM Fin(COBA) was retired on superannuation on 29-04-2017. Com.Sangili was a very hardworking and strong member of our Association. Comrade has excelled in official and Association activities at the same time. Charismatic character of Com. Sangili has attracted many young members to the Association. A very warm retirement function was arranged at Flower Bazaar TE, in which CS remembered the contributions given by beloved comrade. Com B.Ganesan CWC Member, Circle Office bearers, Branch Office bearers and many dignitaries were present during the function.CS honored Com Sangili with shawl.  AIBSNLEA CHTD wishes a very happy and peaceful retired life for Sangili sir.  


Our Senior Com. M.Vasudevan DGM Fin NBA was retired on superannuation on 29-04-2017.  Along with CS, Our senior DGM Com B.Ganesan CWC Member, Br Sectry  NBA, Asst Finance secretary and our members gathered at the chamber of Com M.Vasudevan. CS  honored Com. Vasudevan with shawl and wished for a healthy and happy retired life. Com Vasudevan has donated Rs.2000 to our association.