02-05-2017 CHQ News…

On 01-05-2017, Foundation day of AIBSNLEA/May Day , General Secretary AIBSNLEA served letter to CMD BSNL for resolving the standard pay scale issue of standard pay scale –   by replacement scales for pre-revised E1A, E2A pay scales for JTOs, SDEs & equivalent cadre and grant E2, E3, E4, E5, E6 and E7 Scales for JTO, SDE, Sr. SDE, AGM, DGM and SG-DGM and equivalent posts to DoT.

<<Letter to CMD>>

With this GS stood up with the thoughts of members and image of GS has gone high. This letter was reflection of the common opinion in the Association, and as a result of the demands of senior members of the Association. Hence, what audacity Secretary of other Associations have to request our members to protest against our GS. On resolution of E1A/E2A with E2/E3, executives will be forced to stay in E3 scale for 10 years and similar anomaly will be created in E3 scale. Hence cascading is the only solution. Please oil your own machinery comrades. Our GS knows what to do and when to show the reaction.                             – CS Chennai TD