29-06-2017:Felicitation Function for Com. P.UDAYASURIYAN,on superannuation at Hotel Asoka,Egmore, on 28.06.2017,a report….

Beloved Comrades,

As planned a grand felicitation function was organized to our beloved CS Com.P.UdayaSuriyan at Hotel Asoka on 28th June 2017.  Asusual, all the designated committee members have assembled in the Hall at 2.30 pm with our Stage committee taking charge much earlier. Having completed the pre requisites, the function Hall came to live with the enlightened Chendai MeLam performed by a Team of six from Kerala.

The first to arrive was Smt.Anbukkarasi Udayasuriyan who was given a tumultuous welcome right from the main entrance duly accompanied by our Lady Comrades of the Reception committee. A similar reception was extended to our beloved leader Com.P.Udayasuriyan and our respectful CGM-Ms.S.M.Kalavathi who have reached the venue in that order.

The function stared with invocation of GOD by Com. Venkatesan AO, Circle office

Com.S.Elango our Joint convener compeered the events in an exemplarity manner and Com.K.Rajnarayanan Chairman welcomed all with an inspiring note. After the welcome address, our leader Com.P.Udaya Suriyan and Mrs.Anbukkarasi Udayasuriyan were honoured with garlands, shawls, bouquet and a huge Rose garland as per the traditions of AIBSNLEA. The memento to Com.P.Udayasuriyan was presented by our CGM, and our CS in turn gave it to Mrs.Anbukkarasi Udayasuriyan.

Com.V.Chinnapapaiah, Ex. VP TESA(I) in his presidential address recollected his long Association with our CS with specific reference to the 2002 situation where in the TESA(I) was saved from decimation by the dedicated efforts of beloved Sri.P.Udayasuriyan.

Sri.N.KalyanSagar our Sr.GM-Finance in his speech explained the qualities of Sri.P.Udayasuriyan and commented that there is no need for us to put such a  long caption in the banner “  A good Leader is one who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way” but simply put it as Udayasuriyan then all the other statements are  inherent.

Sri.R.Balaji Prasad, DDG-Term Cell shared his experience with P.Udayasuriyan during his days in BB Team and said but for P.Udayasuriyan the achievements of BB-Team would not have been so fast and effective.

Com.L.Sundraraman, Ex.President explained in detail the involvement of Com.P.Udayasauriyan in the association activities and stressed that no one else could match him when it comes to dedication to the members. He also said in the history of Executives Associations in Chennai; there will be Two eras namely Pre-Udayasuriyan and Post-Udayasuriyan akin to BC & AD.

Sri.V.Senthilvasan PGM-STR recalled the initial days of his interaction that began with a not so good note but gradually after observing the commitment and dedication of Udayasuriyan it became a great personal Friendship. The PGM further explained that though being a union leader, Sri.P.Udayasuriyan was thorough in the subject also and all his interaction will be mainly on developmental activities only and at last one or two HR issues will be submitted that also will be of genuine nature.

Our Friend Philosopher and guide Sri.G.Selvam (GM-HR&ADMN-Retired) observed that the involvement of Udayasuriyan in Association activities is such that every day will be a battlefield with him as an Administrator but ultimately the fighting will be a constructive one in the interest of BSNL only. Sri.G.Selvam also congratulated the organizers for remembering him despite lapse of 9 years and recalled the day on which a similar function was organized by us in the same venue for his superannuation. Sri.G.selvam complimented the family members of Udayasuriyan especially Mrs.Anbukkarasi udayasuruiyan for totally dedicating the time and energy of Udayasuriyan to BSNL and the Association.

The Chief Coordinator of the function Sri.B.Ganesan, DGM(REG) highlighted the achievements of Udayasuriyan and lauded his untiring efforts to achieve results both officially and organizationally. Sri.B.Ganesan being a Tamil scholar also gave an explanation for the name P. Udayasuriyan in his own style.

A detailed power point presentation was submitted to the audience by Com.S.Elango the joint convener who has meticulously gone in to the life history till date of our leader Com.P.Udayasuriyan. This presentation drew a great applause from the audience.

Our respectful CGM, Ms.S.M.Kalavathi,ITS, in her address referred P.Udayasuriyan as the most co operative leader to the Administration and further stressed that He is the only Association leader who is against Strike but at the same time settles the issues through negotiations. Moreover Sri.Udayasuriyan also had a firm grip over his administrative responsibilities with a clear knowledge. The CGM in a lighter vein referred that it was impossible to get a report from the BB section even by the CGM herself without the knowledge of Udayasuriyan the DE.   

Our CHQ-President Sri.P.Sivakumar was highly appreciative of the arrangements of such a mammoth scale to felicitate a great leader in Sri.P.Udayasuriyan. He congratulated our Udayasuriyan for his success during the entire career and informed that but for him, the MVP victory at Chennai would not have been possible.

Sri.Guruprasad Legal Advisor –CHQ explained with facts and in his own style thorough referring a horse race about how Udayasuriyan planned to achieve the desired results.

Having acquired wide spectrum of followers, the HALL was full of admirers and followers of Com.P.Udayasuriyan and each and every one was interested to share their experience with our CS. However due to time constraint since even the notified speakers like, Com.V.Gurumurthy,AGM, Corporate office, Com.J.Badrinarayanan- ACS,Com.P.Ananthi-Ex.AFS and Com.L.S.Lalitha-BS CPT could not share their experience, the President of the function expressed his inability to accommodate the aspirations of numerous speakers and in turn they also co operated and obliged.However, a specific slot was allotted to ensure that they honoured the leader with shawl and memento.

The younger daughter of our beloved Sri.P.Udayasuriyan Prof.P.U.Ilavarasi, BE,M.Tech explained in detail her views about her father and the impact he has created in their minds which enabled them to  tide over even difficult situation in family life. she specifically appreciated our Association for taking this much care to arrange such a massive felicitation function.

Our beloved leader Com.P.Udayasuriyan, in his acceptance speech while acknowledging the praises showered on him by all the senior comrades and officers, dedicated his entire achievement to the wholehearted cooperation and support received from the members especially lady comrades who always had faith in him. He also appreciated all the senior officers and Circle Heads he has interacted so far in his 15 year long journey for listening to him patiently and accepting the suggestions and demands that will be mainly in the interest of service. Com.P.Udayasuriyan further emphasized the role of his family members with special mention about his wife who has virtually made him over to BSNL and our Association. He was emotional at this point of time and mentioned that he was the third child apart from the two daughters to Mrs.Anbukkarasi Udayasuriyan.

The function came to an end with a vote of thanks from the Financial Co-ordinator of the event Sri.B.Manjunath after which the national anthem was recited.

Your’s Comradely,

B.Ganesan, DGM-NE

CWC-Member / Chief coordinator.





Final Organising Committee meeting on 23-06-2017

All the Branch Office Bearers, Committee Chairman, Convener, Joint Convener are kindly requested to attend the final meeting on Friday 23-06-2017 at 16:30HRS in Kushkumar Road. The meeting will be chaired by our Com B.Ganesan (DGM NE) Chief coordinator and our CS also will be present for guidance. Treat this as most important and attend the meeting. With regards J.Badrinarayanan ACS and K.Rajnarayan ACS. 

Chief coordinator appeal:  Dear Comrades, Please attend this meeting tomorrow positively and make the function on 28th a grand success and ever memorable. 

Committee for felicitation function for our beloved CS on 28.06.17 at Hotel Ashoka, Egmore


Dear Comrades,

We all know, our beloved Leader CS & OS (South) Com.P.Udayasuriyan is retiring on superannuation in this month. As per the wishes of all comrades a single grand Felicitation Function is being organised at Hotel Asoka on the 28th June 2017 at 17.00 Hrs (followed with Dinner at 19.30 Hrs) in which eminent leaders of our Association and senior Officers including our CGM will participate and felicitate our Leader.

To make the function a grand success, as per the convention of our AIBSNLEA, we have formed several committees to coordinate the Event (<<Click here for committee>>). Hence all the comrades of the respective committees are requested to interact effectively and ensure that the function will linger in our minds for ever as one of the best organised so far.

                                                                Yours comradely

                                                       B.Ganesan (DGM-NE), Chief Coordinator

  K.Rajnarayanan ,   Chairman                             P.Suresh, Deputy Chairman

  J.Badrinarayanan   Convenor                             S. Elango   Joint convenor                                                              B. Manjunath , Finance Controller



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