24-08-2017:Minutes of the COB-Meeting held on 22-08-2017

My dear comrades,

The emergency extended COB  meeting including the special invites, was held on Tuesday the 22nd August 2017 at 17.00 Hrs in Haddows Road presided over by our Circle President Com.Sangli.

At the outset, our President welcomed the members present and explained the reasons for calling the Emergency meeting and requested the CWC-Member Com.B.Ganesan-DGM to submit a brief about the proceedings in the recently concluded CWC at Trivandrum and accordingly the members were updated about the same.

The Circle Secretary initiated further discussion about

  1. The ensuing Circle Conference and the methodology to be adopted for conducting the same in a grand manner.

  2. Proposal to have a sponsored event to raise fund for the conference

  3. 3rd PRC and its implementation.

  4. Posting and transfer of officers especially in Finance wing.

  • After detailed deliberation, it was unanimously decided to conduct the 6th Circle Conference at a time when it is due and not to have it in the first week of October 2017 as decided earlier since the members present observed that continuation of present set up is crucial for ensuring continuity in 3RD PRC related co ordinations at various levels, Diary account settlement and maintaining Legal Fund for handling legal issues arising out of one increment cut on Promotion after EPP and other related cases apart from contributing to CHQ-Legal Fund. Additionally, the members present felt that at present the Financial position of our Circle is not sound enough to meet out the expenditure involved for conducting the 6th Circle Conference.

  • To conduct a cultural event as deemed fit and accordingly a committee has been constituted that will take care of organising the event.

1 S.ELANGO OS-Central Chief Co- ordinator
6 Mrs.P.ANANTHI CEC member Dy.Convenor- II
7 S.RAJAMANI BS-KDM Finance Controller
8 R.VIJAYA SARATHY BS-NBA Dy.Finance Controller
9 V.RAGHURAMAN ABS-ARD Committee Member
10 S.KANNAN FS-KKN Committee Member
11 P.RAMALINGAM BS-AMB Committee Member
12 Mrs.PREMA FS-NBA Committee Member
13 Mrs.MUTHULAKSHMI AFS-NBA Committee Member
  • As regards 3RD PRC, while the effort of our CHQ, and the BSNL Management especially our CMD was appreciated, it was felt that a unified struggle is inevitable in due course.

  • It was also decided to meet the Sr.GM-Finance immediately and ask for consideration of clearing the request transfer cases in the Finance cadre till date and issue orders since a new batch of JAO is due for posting next week. Also the need for issuing officiating orders in JAO to AO, AO to CAO & CAO to DGM posts will also be insisted to be completed before the proposed HR integration slated for 1st September 2017.

  • The COB also decided to meet the Administration for a detailed discussion on various developmental activities especially FTTH, rearrangement of Executives as per requirement.

Comradely Yours’


Emergency Circle Office bearers meeting on 22-08-17 at HRD

Emergency Circle Office bearers meeting is to be held on 22-08-2017 at Haddows Road at 16:30Hrs. All Circle Office Bearers are requested to attend without fail. Special invitees are Branch Secretaries- GSM, Ambattur, North BA, RTTC and FS BBS. Important points to be discussed are included in the agenda.

Kindly cooperate Circle Secretary.

21-08-2017 Emergency General Body meeting held at KK Road branch

Emergency General Body of KK Road Branch was held during Lunch Hour on 21-08-2017. Meeting was conducted by Br President Com P. Pandian (DGM MM&Plg), Finance Secretary Com R.Sasikala JTO, Com V.Chandramouli AGM tender/DE CP, OS Central Com S.Elango SDE ESP with our CS/OS South. The meeting was conducted since KK Road Br Secretary Com V.Ramesh was transferred and joined as DE Thiruttani. Comrade V.Chandramouli is now elected as the new Branch Secretary Kushkumar Road. All the other officer bearers remains the same. Members are requested to extend cooperation to new BS.

Also, all the members are requested to cooperate with Branch Finance Secretaries since the Circle Conference Meeting is to be conducted soon. 

12-08-2017 CS speech during CWC Meeting

Circle Secretary’s address during the CWC Meeting at Trivandrum on 11th & 12th Aug 17 is published below.

      AIBSNLEA/ ChTD/ 2017-18 / CS-Address-CWC-TVM           Date: 11-08-2017

         Respected President, our beloved G.S, and my dear Comrades, I am privileged to submit the following few lines on behalf of ChTD for this Forum to deliberate. Some of the points were already informed in the CHQ office Bearers meet at Delhi on 6th July 2017 but still repeated for the sake of continuity.

  1. The CHQ must publish a fitting reply to the misinformation campaign by SNEA on its website especially on intentions against strike which is portrayed as a weakness.
  2. Our website should be redesigned to have a more appeal among the viewers.
  3. We must make all out attempt to attract all the DRs through massive publicity/exposure / Open Appeal campaign. It is imperative to note that the amalgamation or co ordination between SNEA & AIGETOA is not definitely happening in various circles since ordinary members of AIGETOA are yet to come to terms with SNEA (it is clearly an unholy marriage between just the leadership of SNEA & AIGETOA).
  4. Merger of AITEEA with AIBSNLEA should be completed early & at the same time other likeminded Associations like ABLE / BASE /AIBSNLOA must also be approached to strengthen AIBSNLEA by complete merger of all of them with us.
  5. The fact that the “Recognized Majority Association” has not achieved anything so far in 7 months is to be repeatedly mentioned and SNEA should be referred always as “Recognized Minority Association”.
  6. We must constantly display in our website, the first order from SR section after announcement of MVP result where in it was clearly mentioned that SNEA stood first and AIBSNLEA stood second with no other comments like recognized status, etc.,
  7. We must also repeatedly mention that SNEA has not got the support of majority of Executives namely 55% in BSNL that is more vital while deciding any issue.
  8. The court case at Chennai & Allahabad must be speed up to get the positive result at the earliest.
  9. Facilities at par with SNEA must be obtained including Spl CL, CUG, etc.,
  10. We must insist on allotment of Local / Circle / National Council seats on prorata basis strictly as per vote share.
  11. The E2-E3 up gradation has been taken as a tool by SNEA to attract DRs But stagnation at E3 for 10 years are not at all known to their base level members and conveniently sidelined.
  12. Only when we put pressure on Management to speed up JAO to AO, JTO to SDE , AO to CAO and SDE TO DE ( DPC work initiated) promotion, and release the list ( be it with a rider mentioning Court case), our sincere efforts will be known to all Executives.
  13. While there is a pressure from the Management to achieve targets, the required accessories like Route Tracers, OFC Meters/Testers are in short supply leading to our inability to unearth the hidden treasure namely our UG Cables in Rural Areas.
  14. The migration from BB to FTTH is to be the main task for the Field units, if we are to realize Revenue. A clear plan should be published by BSNL CO incorporating the procedures to be followed  in implementation including Clarity & CRM in CDR.
  15. With average age increasing beyond 55, the Outsourcing of External Maintenance is the only way to reduce fault duration which will lead to retention of customers.
  16. For improved service on LL/BB front, the complaint number “198” must be made accessible from all mobile operators by suitable accord/agreement.
  17. On the Human Resource side, once again we insist our CHQ to take up and ensure that the Civil and Electrical Executives at SSA level are brought under the Administrative and Technical control of SSA-Head so that they can be in Major Exchanges as Building in charges…
  18. While the Rule 8 transfers are now through ERP, I request our GS to take up and ensure all request transfers are processed through ERP thereby avoiding duplication of works and also leading to greater transparency.
  19. ChTD diary amount will be pursued, GS instructed to settled amount realized before our Circle Conference. Due to Retirement, VRS and Transfer to other circle the Chennai Telephones membership is reduced by 56 from December 2016 till 10/8/2017  
  20. On behalf of Chennai Telephones, I once again request our CHQ to take up with BSNL CO and settle our demand for declaring the CPT-SSA as a Soft Tenure place in Chennai Telephones District.

                    Thank you one and all for patient hearing.

AIBSNLEA ZINDABAD!                                        LONG LIVE EXECUTIVES’UNITY!                                                                                                                                                                        P.UDAYASURIYAN

Circle Secretary       

10-08-2017 CHQ News..

       AIBSNLEA filed an OA vide O.A./100/2649/2017 in Hon’ble Principal

Bench CAT New Delhi against the DOT order dated 05.07.2017 regarding

withdrawal of additional increment by fixation in same scale on post

based promotion under EPP.  Hon’ble PB CAT New Delhi has interim

stayed said order today . DOT will file rejoinder on 24.08.2017.

10-08-2017: CMD BSNL meeting with BSNL Unions and Associations Core Group:


GS along with GS of BSNLEU and GS SNEA was invited by CMD BSNL today at 12 PM to discuss regarding implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL. GS NFTE BSNL was also invited but due to lack of communication he could not attend the meeting. CMD BSNL initiated the discussion on 3rd PRC report implementation in BSNL. He mentioned that in 3rd PRC report some relaxation in the affordability clause to some specific PSUs have been recommended. On this basis, we can make a case to the Administrative Ministry i.e. DoT for approval. He explained that in general, the 3rd PRC recommendations are not favourable to BSNL but we have to take some favoarble points to get implemented the 3rd PRC report in BSNL. Comrade GS AIBSNLEA suggested him to immediately form a committee in BSNL Corporate Office to study the 3rd PRC report and to submit a report with in one week for consideration of BSNL Management committee and thereafter to the BSNL Board. CMD BSNL appreciated our suggestion and mentioned that immediately a committee will be formed in BSNL Corporate Office which will submit its report with in one week to place in the next BSNL Management Committee meeting and hereafter immediately in the BSNL Board for approval. CMD BSNL explained that he has already discussed in DoT with senior officers on this issue wherein Additional Secretary (T), who is the Govt nominee Board of Director also in BSNL Board, has mentioned that since he has already supported BSNL’s view point in the Cabinet Secretary meeting. In view of that he is in support with BSNL on this issue. CMD BSNL explained that BSNL is not getting any financial support from the Govt. and regulating the tariffs in Telecom Sector of the country. BSNL has paid more than Rs. 2 lakh Crores to the Govt. in terms of license fee, taxes dividend etc after its inception. Against the notional loan of Rs. 7500 Crores, BSNL has paid Rs.14000 Crores as interest amount only @ 14.5% to DoT. After its formation, BSNL has never been given any financial support by the Govt. rather BSNL is implementing Govt. prestigious projects for example NOFN, NFS, LWE, etc. with out getting much profit. 

CMD BSNL further explained that Member (F) of DoT is of the opinion that in case if the 3rd PRC report is implemented in BSNL than BSNL will be closed with in three years. But, in his opinion in case if the 3rd PRC report is not implemented in BSNL than BSNL may be closed with in three months time. The additional burden of Rs. 2800 Crores on implementation of 3rd PRC report with full 15% fitment benefit in BSNL may be earned with the help of all the BSNL employees but to save the Rs. 2800 Crores by not implementing 3rd PRC report may give three times loss to BSNL. In view of this Govt should consider 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL. He advised all to work together for the implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL on proiority. He further reiteriated that he is ready to resign from the post of CMD BSNL in case if the 3rd PRC report is not impelemnetd in BSNL. We further suggested him that first CMD BSNL should get the approval of BSNL Board on 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL and then sent to DoT for approval thereafter only we will be able impress upon to DoT for its implementation in BSNL.

Let all the BSNL Unions and Assocations come together to get implemented the 3rd PRC report in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit as a single and common demand through negotiations or the decisive struggle keeping aside all the differences at this crucial juncture.

08-08-2017 Message from CS to Sr.GM(F)

CS has sent a message to Sr. GM Finance with a copy to CGM CHTD, since both of them are presently attending South Zone Meeting at Hyderabad. Content of the message as follows.
          Kindly intervene and give instruction to DGM(Fin) for stopping the deduction of over payment (OP due) as per the DOT orders dtd on 05-07-2017, temporarily in our CHTD ,since our Association has taken up the case with Delhi HC on 03-08-2017 for seeking of stay for the above mentioned order.
         Also BSNL CO so far has not endorsed that order so kindly ask them not to calculate the OP due by respective Accounts. Suggestion of getting  undertaking from the officers in this regard may kindly be considered.

With warm regards,

P. Udayasuriyan, CS AIBSNLEA CHTD

To: Sr GM Finance

Copy to : CGM CHTD- kindly give suitable instruction pl.



08-08-2017 Association actions on withdrawal of increment based on actual posting.

      Dear Comrades, as we are aware, the increment obtained by way of actual posting on promotion after EPP(Executive Promotion Policy) has been withdrawn by DOT while calculating pension and this has been implemented for the officers retired on 31-07-17.
     CHQ has initiated action (against letter dated on 5/7/17) on this issue immediately.We discussed this matter on 6&7th July’ 17 in CHQ office bearers meeting at Delhi.
1. We have given letter to Addl. Secretary (T) for stopping the increment cut.
2. Case filed individually our members in Jaipur Court.
3. AIBSNLEA CHQ filed case in Delhi Court on 3/8/17 for seeking stay on this.
4. Addl. Secretary now in Delhi (Returned from foreign trip)
5. This issue will be taken up in CWC Meeting to be held at Trivandrum on and from 11/8 &12/8/17
We are on the job. This matter was highlighted to CMD, BSNL also and he has assured to take up the issue with DOT for amicable settlement.
Your’s comradely,