08-08-2017 Association actions on withdrawal of increment based on actual posting.

      Dear Comrades, as we are aware, the increment obtained by way of actual posting on promotion after EPP(Executive Promotion Policy) has been withdrawn by DOT while calculating pension and this has been implemented for the officers retired on 31-07-17.
     CHQ has initiated action (against letter dated on 5/7/17) on this issue immediately.We discussed this matter on 6&7th July’ 17 in CHQ office bearers meeting at Delhi.
1. We have given letter to Addl. Secretary (T) for stopping the increment cut.
2. Case filed individually our members in Jaipur Court.
3. AIBSNLEA CHQ filed case in Delhi Court on 3/8/17 for seeking stay on this.
4. Addl. Secretary now in Delhi (Returned from foreign trip)
5. This issue will be taken up in CWC Meeting to be held at Trivandrum on and from 11/8 &12/8/17
We are on the job. This matter was highlighted to CMD, BSNL also and he has assured to take up the issue with DOT for amicable settlement.
Your’s comradely,