10-08-2017: CMD BSNL meeting with BSNL Unions and Associations Core Group:


GS along with GS of BSNLEU and GS SNEA was invited by CMD BSNL today at 12 PM to discuss regarding implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL. GS NFTE BSNL was also invited but due to lack of communication he could not attend the meeting. CMD BSNL initiated the discussion on 3rd PRC report implementation in BSNL. He mentioned that in 3rd PRC report some relaxation in the affordability clause to some specific PSUs have been recommended. On this basis, we can make a case to the Administrative Ministry i.e. DoT for approval. He explained that in general, the 3rd PRC recommendations are not favourable to BSNL but we have to take some favoarble points to get implemented the 3rd PRC report in BSNL. Comrade GS AIBSNLEA suggested him to immediately form a committee in BSNL Corporate Office to study the 3rd PRC report and to submit a report with in one week for consideration of BSNL Management committee and thereafter to the BSNL Board. CMD BSNL appreciated our suggestion and mentioned that immediately a committee will be formed in BSNL Corporate Office which will submit its report with in one week to place in the next BSNL Management Committee meeting and hereafter immediately in the BSNL Board for approval. CMD BSNL explained that he has already discussed in DoT with senior officers on this issue wherein Additional Secretary (T), who is the Govt nominee Board of Director also in BSNL Board, has mentioned that since he has already supported BSNL’s view point in the Cabinet Secretary meeting. In view of that he is in support with BSNL on this issue. CMD BSNL explained that BSNL is not getting any financial support from the Govt. and regulating the tariffs in Telecom Sector of the country. BSNL has paid more than Rs. 2 lakh Crores to the Govt. in terms of license fee, taxes dividend etc after its inception. Against the notional loan of Rs. 7500 Crores, BSNL has paid Rs.14000 Crores as interest amount only @ 14.5% to DoT. After its formation, BSNL has never been given any financial support by the Govt. rather BSNL is implementing Govt. prestigious projects for example NOFN, NFS, LWE, etc. with out getting much profit. 

CMD BSNL further explained that Member (F) of DoT is of the opinion that in case if the 3rd PRC report is implemented in BSNL than BSNL will be closed with in three years. But, in his opinion in case if the 3rd PRC report is not implemented in BSNL than BSNL may be closed with in three months time. The additional burden of Rs. 2800 Crores on implementation of 3rd PRC report with full 15% fitment benefit in BSNL may be earned with the help of all the BSNL employees but to save the Rs. 2800 Crores by not implementing 3rd PRC report may give three times loss to BSNL. In view of this Govt should consider 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL. He advised all to work together for the implementation of 3rd PRC report in BSNL on proiority. He further reiteriated that he is ready to resign from the post of CMD BSNL in case if the 3rd PRC report is not impelemnetd in BSNL. We further suggested him that first CMD BSNL should get the approval of BSNL Board on 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL and then sent to DoT for approval thereafter only we will be able impress upon to DoT for its implementation in BSNL.

Let all the BSNL Unions and Assocations come together to get implemented the 3rd PRC report in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit as a single and common demand through negotiations or the decisive struggle keeping aside all the differences at this crucial juncture.