04-10-2017 Lunch Hour demonstration held at Chennai TD

Lunch Hour Demonstration at Circle level prior to Candle Light March at New Delhi, was held in front of  O/o CGM ChTD on 04-10-2017@13:00 Hrs. Very good response was received for the lunch hour demonstration, both gents and lady comrades turned out in large numbers for the demonstration enthusiastically.

The demonstration was conducted with a single point demand “ Implement 3rd PRC with 15% benefits in BSNL”. Circle office bearers, Branch Secretaries and office bearers from Branches addressed the gathering. The gathering was welcomed by Com.P.Sangili Circle President,AIBSNLEA CHTD.  

Loud slogans of unity “AIBSNLEA Zindabad, Employees Unity Zindabad “ were chanted by Com B. Ganesan CWC Member and all the members followed it. Com Elango OS Central invited Leaders and Executives one by one for addressing the gathering. Speech was delivered by ACS Comrades J.Badrinarayanan, K.Raj Narayanan& S.Jaikumar, Com B.Nagarajan OS South, Com.V. Gurumurthy our Ex.FS, Com. S.Shivakumar FS and various members. All the comrades shared their views on immediate need for implementation of 3rd PRC. Com.Chokalingam SDE opinioned that BSNL,MTNL and Coal India together posses more than 80% of the total staff strength of all PSUs and hence profitability clause is not a valid clause for assessing all the PSUs under one condition. Also management is playing with the future of lakhs of employees. Com. Srinivasan CWC Member told that any fitment less than 15% is not acceptable and we all should stay together to achieve the bargaining power.   Com J.Badrinarayan ACS, described the need for unity of all Associations and Unions to attain our single point demand. Until achieving our demand we should stay together without seeing Union/Association and strong protest and agitation shall be arranged to open the eyes of management.

Com. C.KMathivanan CS NFTE, gave an speech on present scenario of 3rd PRC. Comrade highlighted that BSNL is a unique PSU and shall not be categorized along with any other PSU. BSNL is one of the very few PSUs fully owned by Govt of India, and most of the employees of BSNL enjoy the facilities like GPF, Pension etc directly from Govt of India fund. Therefore employees of BSNL possess the equal status of Govt Employees. Also no profitability clause was seen while implementing 7th CPC for ITS officers who are the so called BSNL Management, then why profitability clause is applied for employees alone. Hence we should not restrict ourselves with demand of 15%, and we shall try for much better benefits. 

            Comrade also warned that previously bonus was taken away from us by linking to profitability, now wages are being linked to profitability and in future management will link pension also with profitability. We the employees of BSNL, have earned Rs.27000/- crores for BSNL as revenue, and it is the mismanagement of BSNL management which led BSNL to losses.Comrade urged BSNL management for implementing 3rd PRC without any conditions.

CP AIBSNLOA, extended full support and contribution to the lunch hour demonstration till we see the victory of our demands.

Our senior Com.Ananthi AGM opinioned that ITS officers of BSNL are enjoyed all the fruits of BSNL and getting benefits in terms of 7th CPC and they are waiting to take the benefits of 3rd PRC in PSUs. But they are not ready to address the grass root level issues.

Our CS CHTD summed up the opinions of all the comrades and expressed happiness for large number of employees turned up for the demonstration. Further CS along with COBs, memorandum was submitted to CGM for taking up with BSNL CO for the benefit of all BSNL employees. Comrade CS also told that Management Committee has given positive note for PRC, and hoped that DoT will clear the pending points immediately.

This is a different platform for agitation unlike any other demands. The same spirit shown by members shall be continued in further agitation programs also. This fight will be intensified and continued till we achieve our single point  demand “ Implement 3d PRC with 15% benefits in BSNL”. CS thanked all the Executives participated in the demonstration and wished all the best for Candle Light March at New Delhi @18hrs.

AIBSNLEA Zindabad !!

Employees Unity Zindabad!!!

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Candle Light March at New Delhi 18:00 Hrs:

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