19-10-17 Meeting with PGM North

Meeting with PGM-North on 19-10-2017

Dear comrades,

Circle Secretary along with Com.J.Badrinarayanan ACS, Com.RameshKumar OS (North), Com.Ramalingam BS-AMB (O&M) and Com.Baranidharan BS-BSS met Shri.V.Gunasekaran PGM-North In charge at 14.15 Hrs in his chamber and discussed various developmental and staff issues pertaining to North Area. We have stressed the need for work study and equal distribution of load amongst the Executives to avoid demoralising effect. Specific instances of our grievances like non availability and not able distribute  of Vehicles last 21/4 years, lack of support from higher officers for important activity like FTTH penetration, etc., were also brought elaborately to the knowledge of PGM-North.

PGM-North agreed to our views and assured to have a detailed discussion with his Team of officers before finalising the redistribution of work so that nobody is aggrieved.

Since PGM-North is actually holding the charge of TXM, we have made use of this opportunity to discuss the TXM issues also especially with respect to acute shortage of staff/officers in core Area and on the need to streamline issues with regard to FTTH provisions. PGM-North has agreed to take up with CGM, the shortage of manpower during the proposed JTO-Posting and hopes to resolve this shortage  issue in both North & TXM areas.

Specific proposal of FTTH by our Com.S.Ramalingam [SDE-PML] was noted by PGM-North for perusal and early commissioning. The entire two Hours Discussion was very cordial and fruitful for BSNL-ChTD.


With warm regards,