18-12-2017 Appeal from Circle Secretary


Most Respected and my Dear brothers and Sisters,

With folded hands I salute and thank all the members who were with me, some very close and some little away and guided me for the past 17 years.I thank our senior comrades who have retired earlier to me and till date guiding me.

I have met Countless problems in the past years which I could not share with you.

I have been thinking the Association and all the members as my family after my duty. My own family comes next only.

I have rendered my service without defaming the Association at any point.As per my conscience, irrespective of age, I have given the due respect to all my elders and youngsters.

I have never seen Caste or Religion and I was serving without any prejudice and I will be taking leave,once and for all from you day or two.

In the past 17 years, I was many times restless and worried for not fulfilling the wishes of few.

At this Juncture, I request to pardon me if I have hurt anybody by mistake.

Our Circle conference is to be held on 19th and 20th of Dec’17. I request one and all COBs, CWC & CEC Members, BOBs and Delegates to attend the conference without fail. BOBs may kindly request all the members to attend the open session en mass at 04:00 PM of 19th Dec’17 at Asoka Hotel, Egmore  with dinner and also to treat it as the sending off ceremony to me.

Once again with respect it is P.UDAYASURIYAN, CS, CHTD taking leave from you all.