21-12-2017: Key note Address by CS

Key Note Address submitted and  read by our Circle Secretary on 19/12/2017 in our open session at M/S Hotel Ashoka, Chennai.


at Jeevan Jyothi Hall, Pantheon Road.  Egmore, Chennai 600008.



IN THE OPEN SESSION ON 19-12-2017  At Hotel ASHOKA, Pantheon Road,Egmore-Chennai-600 008.

AIBSNLEA/ ChTD/2017-18  / CC /  Key Note Address           Date: 19-12-2017

Respected President of this evening Function, Respected Chief Guest our CGM-Chennai Telephones, CGM-T.N.Circle, PGM-Finance T.N.Circle &  Chennai Telephones, Senior officers, Leaders from sister Association and other unions, our beloved G.S, Media Fraternity and my dear Comrades, it is indeed a moment of pride to stand before this august gathering on the historic occasion of our Sixth Circle Conference and I once again extend my hearty welcome to one and all present.

I would like to share some valuable inputs concerning the development of BSNL in general and Chennai Telephones in particular along with some points of concern affecting our Executives during the course of this open session.

CROWN in the history of BSNL-Chennai Telephones:

Despite stiff competition, I am proud to state that our Chennai Telephones is able to give our competitor a run for their money. The importance of BSNL and its services was proved in the unprecedented Rains that lashed city during December 2015. Unmindful of the grave situation our Team-Chennai under the able guidance of our beloved CGM Madam succeeded to restore services to our customers and it was a God given opportunity for us to prove our mettle.  Similarly again in December 2016, BSNL was the only service provider not to go off the air when cyclone VARDHA struck our city.

Those two occasions though not a welcome one for the common man proved a point to the general public that here is an organization (BSNL) that can be relied upon at times of emergency. However, it is our considered opinion that we have failed to cash in on that situation to improve our market share.

Points for Development:

We request the Management to ensure a transparent mechanism for providing FTTH to our customers. It is worth mentioning here that that it is our continuous effort that convinced the Management to form a FTTH Team under the leadership of a JAG officer. However while the demand for our FTTH is considerably higher, due to procedural delays, we are unable to capitalize the situation and convert them in to active connections.

The Marketing Team is to be de centralized and each Area DGM must have a Marketing Team (CM & CFA) for better co ordination and implementation of sale & Marketing activities. Similarly, while planning and major Technical installation is to be with the GSM-Wing, the Area DGMs must be provided with a Team of officers to attend any Cell Coverage related maintenance issues also. In a nutshell, similar to HR integration, CFA, CM & Marketing functionalities must be integrated and maintained by Area DGMs only for better monitoring, achievements and accountability…  

 The Concept of CRM (Customer Relations Manager) directly reporting to the Area GMs was very much productive in earlier years and with delegation of more powers to the CGMs, it is better if the CRM posts are revived for close co ordination in Areas.

While the proposed measure by the BSNL CFA section to provide Free CLIP instruments for all the customers with average billing of Rs.3000 and reduction in cost of modem from Rs.1500 to Rs.1250 with effect from 18-12-2017 is most welcome, it is our suggestion that the CLIP Instrument may be supplied free of cost to the new Customers (other than Plan 49) also.

 The introduction of ERP has made the daily routine more cumbersome for the Field Officers and the GST has added its own complications further. We request our CGM to form a separate Team zone wise, along with a Core-Unit at CGM Office to process, implement and guide all the Executives for carrying out ERP activities so that their concentration towards Field issues is not diluted. It is worth mentioning here to laud the efforts of our IT wing which did an excellent work during CDR Migration, and we need such a setup now also if the ERP threat is to be resolved.

As our Association pleads always, a work study is must for any organization to grow and this has so far not been carried out in ChTD. “Right man for the Right Job at Right Time” is the Mantra of success but any how the Millers Road Administration is silent in this aspect.

Another point which we have been repeatedly requesting the management is to have a re-look at the functioning of RTTC and DTTC. It will be wise to  have a single training Centre at CTTC, while converting RTTC, M.M .Nagar in to an Engineering Centre of Excellence with private participation from reputed institutes like TCS,WIPRO,etc.,

Due to coordinated efforts of all Associations, we are able to reduce the Tenure of CPT SSA to One Year. However, we once again appeal to CGM for prevailing upon our Corporate Office to declare CPT SSA as a Soft Tenure Place that entitles immunity to that extent from All India Transfer for those Executives posted to CPT SSA from Chennai. We also make this opportunity to request our CHQ to ensure that the necessary approval from BSNL CO is obtained for the proposal from our Administration in respect of CPT SSA.


We are also proud to have a determined leadership at the top through our beloved CGM Ms.S.M.Kalavathi, duly advised by Sri.Kalyansagar GM (Fin). On the Human Resource Front, there is a completely dedicated & unbiased Team of gems Like Sri.J.Ganesan our GM(HR&ADMN), Smt.Hemamalini Sridhar our DGM(HR&ADMN) who have vast experience in handling issues of concern to the Executives and Staff. We place on record our appreciation to the entire Team for listening our views patiently whenever approached.

Our Role:

On the Association front, I am proud to state that AIBSNLEA under the Dynamic leadership of Com.Prahalad Rai is identified with dedication and hard work. We are the only Association having faith in resolving issues through negotiations despite pressure from within and outside. Our approach is proactive and our activities are transparent. We never hesitate to point fingers if a mistake is committed by the management while at the same time we never failed to appreciate the good initiative of the management.

Comrades, the performance of CHTD are keenly monitored by the BSNL CO and any innovative idea is tried and tested in ChTD only. On this front, I am proud to state that 4G is to be launched in Chennai as a New Year gift to our esteemed customers. We must make an earnest attempt by way of improved performance and try to regain our lost ground and towards achieving this let us all rededicate ourselves and ensure tireless efforts are made to achieve growth.

Last but not the least, with our Executives exhibiting untiring enthusiasm in restoring the old glory of BSNL, I appeal to our respectful CGM that, having sufficient vacancies for GM level officers both in Finance & Engineering wing, it is time to reward our seasoned and experienced seniors with “Look After – arrangement in GM-Posts” ( a procedure which is as per BSNL CO norms and followed in most of the circles), and this will reduce the burden on the shoulders of our ITS officers who are holding several additional responsibilities at the same time motivating the promotee officers.

Thanking you all for a patient hearing,         With warm greetings,


 P.UDAYASURIYAN,    Circle Secretary