27-12-2017: Resolution passed in 6th Circle Conference at Chennai


AIBSNLEA/ ChTD/ 2017-18 / CC / Resolutions                         Date: 20-12-2017

To: The Chief General Manager,  BSNL, Chennai Telephones,

  1. P.H.Road, Chennai-600 010.

Sub: Resolutions passed in the Circle Conference –Reg.

 Respected Madam,

On behalf of AIBSNLEA- Chennai Telephones, we are grateful to our CGM for having graced the Open Session held at Hotel Asoka on 19th December 2017. Our members expressed their complete satisfaction by the way in which you turned your speech in to an Interactive session and as an Association of seasoned members, we assure our CGM that the best possible efforts will be made to sustain the positive growth of BSNL- Chennai Telephones.

A part of our Circle Conference, we had a marathon Delegate session on 20th December 2017, in which the method to improve our services was given the main thrust leaving aside our individual grievances. Keeping the Key note address of CS-AIBSNLEA-ChTD as one of the reference, the participants moved certain resolutions detailed below for submission to the management for consideration as far as improving performance is concerned. Accordingly the points are listed below.

Development Side:

  1. Aggressive Marketing is the need of the Hour to convert the confidence in the minds of Customers in to actual connections on the dependability of BSNL Services at times of crisis.
  2. Decentralization of Marketing Team with Area PGMs/ GMs / DGMs having more stake in it.
  3. Revival of CRM Concept to supplement the efforts of EB in retaining commercially important Customers.
  4. Reallocation of works in respect of GSM to Area DGMs keeping only the major activities like planning, procurement and installation with the GM-GSM akin to CFA-Vertical.
  5. Arranging for interaction with the local authorities at the highest level like CMDA, CMWSSB etc., on a regular basis to avoid frequent cable cuts especially our Transmission media.
  6. Formation of Core Group consisting of one SDE & one AO for  ERP under each GM  with a centralized Core Team consisting of sufficient  officers at Central Settlement Cell to ensure hassle free processing of bills that will make Field officers to concentrate more on provisioning and Fault clearance.
  7. It will be a WIN-WIN situation for BSNL if the management take a re-look at the functioning of RTTC and DTTC and decides to  have a single training Centre at CTTC, while converting RTTC, M.M .Nagar in to an Engineering Centre of Excellence with private participation.
  8. We need to properly re locate the various offices like EB, GSM, etc., that are scattered across the city to ensure a single point solution for all the stake holders be it our customers or our own Employees.
  9. Replacement of life expired/loss making OF Cable in phased manner.

HR Side:

  1. We request our CGM to prevail upon the Administration to follow the principles of “Right man for the Right Job at Right Time”  while proposing / moving files for Transfer and posting that will avoid unrest in the minds of Executives and also pave way for a transparent functioning. It is worth mentioning that management can get a better output from the Executives if their options are considered to the best possible extent.
  2. We reiterate our appeal to CGM for prevailing upon our Corporate Office to declare CPT SSA as a Soft Tenure Place that entitles immunity to that extent from All India Transfer for those Executives posted to CPT SSA from Chennai. We are of the firm belief that only our CGM can achieve this proposal that will be a permanent solution for all the CPT-SSA issues.
  3. Any fresh Recruits in JTO/JAO/TTA cadre allotted to Chennai Telephones must be accommodated in CPT-SSA only where there is a huge potential for BSNL. This policy will also avoid any inconvenience for the seniors at the same time any possible litigation also can be averted.
  4. The proposed new entrants in JAO cadre are to be accommodated in the various CSCs for providing better solution and advice to our customers who approach our CSC/CSR with various bill related queries.
  5. We appeal to our CGM that it is the right time to recognize the dedication of senior most officers by ordering “Look on” in the SAG cadre to those eligible DGMs in Civil/Electrical/Finance & Technical wings.  .
  6. A work study has to be done as we repeatedly asking for and redeployment as per work study.

With best wishes,         Yours sincerely,


        (P.UDAYASURIYAN),  O/G Circle Secretary