16-12-17 Attention Comrades: Information for 6th CC

As per AIBSNLEA Constitution all the Circle Office Bearers, Circle Executive Committee Members, Circle Working Committee Members, Branch Presidents, Branch Secretaries are Ex-officio for the Circle Conference. Also, one delegate for thirty paid members from each branch are eligible for attending the Circle Conference.

16-12-2017 Agenda for 6th Circle Conference

Dear Comrades, 6th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA CHTD will be conducted on 19th and 20th of Dec 2017. The Agenda for Circle Conference is published below. Open Session will be held at Hotel Ashoka on 19-12-2017 from 04:00pm onwards. Pre Conference CEC sesssion and Delegates session will be held at Jivana Jothi Hall, Egmore. All comrades are request to actively participate in the open session and make the Circle Conference a grand success.



11-12-2017 Committees formed for 6th Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA CHTD

Dear all comrades, as you are aware our 6th Circle Conference is scheduled to be conducted on 19th and 20th December 2017. In this regard, various committees are formed for smooth conducting of CC. Circle Secretary requested all the Committee Chairman and Convenor  to coordinate with their committee members for successfully  conducting the forthcoming CC. 

Circle Secretary requested all the members to actively participate in the  Circle Conference and make this function a grand success as we have always done. 


6th  Circle Conference  COMMITTEEs
Chairman : B.Ganesan,DGM -CWC(M) Convenor : V. Gurumurthy , DE – OS(West)
Vice Chairman 1:R. Leelavathi, DGM(F) Dy.Convenor 1 :  R. Vijaya Sarathi,SDE – BS (NBA)
Vice Chairman 2:A.M.Astag Zaki EE(Elec)-CEC(M)  Dy.Convenor 2:   K.I. Ajith -JTO (Website) BB  
L.S. Lalitha,DE-BS(CPT) A.Kalaiselvi AGM – CEC(M)
T.D.Amuthavannan ,EO (N) ABS-NBA K.Jayanthi SDE – BP (BB)
K. Vijaya SDE (GDV) Lakshmi Sudha, DE – BP (MYL & RKN)
A. Banumathi, AO (COBA) P. Thilagavathi SDE – CEC (M)
M.Bhavani,SDE- BS(Kellys) R.Sasikala SDE-FS (KK Road)
J. Mutharasi, SDE- BS (EB) K. Lakshmi SDE – NIB (KKN)
A. Kavitha,JTO -VRU M.Benita Ponmalar AO- FS(CO)
T.R.Menakshi DE, (ARD) V. Latha SDE- NIB
Chairman :  J. Badri Narayanan,DE ACS Convenor : P.Jaganathan,JTO -BS (KKN)
Vice Chairman : T.Selvan SDE-BP HRD
Vice Chairman : T. Vijayan JAO- BS (COBA)
Dy.Convenor 1:  T.Uthayasankar JTO-FS (HRD)
Dy.Convenor2: R.Suresh Babu JAO MM– AFS(KKRd)
C.Rajendran,JTO -ABS(BB) C.P.Sridhar,JAO CSC (KK Road)
K.Balaji SDE GSM NSS MBM G. Harikumar, JTO- FS (BB)
S.Kombiah,JTO-FS(AMB) P. Suresh Kumar, JTO – FS (CHR)
S.Vinodkumar JTO (KKN) A.Ravi  JTO  (Walltax Rd)
M.Sathish Babu SDE-TXM(KAR) R. Jayaraman SDE – BP (AMB)
P. Shanmugam JTO – FS (ADY) N.Sukesh kumar JTO- FS (KCM)
D.Samjose JTO TXM(KAL) P. Rajagopal DE – BP (KKN)
 N.Ramachandran AGM- (PON)
Chairman : C. Ramesh Kumar SDE – OS (North) Convenor : P.Pandian, DGM-BP (KKRD)
Vice Chairman : B.M. Pandian SDE – AS (North) Dy.Convenor : H.Rajamani JTO – BS (KOD)
S. Natarajan DGM- BBS D. Kumaresan DGM -VP(ARD)
A.Chandrika EO (GM-CFA) B.Suryakumar,AO MRS(RKN)
S. Rajeswari PS -GM (D) V. Murali DE – BP (KLYS)
P. Venkatesh DE- NIB (H/D) V. Raghuraman, SDE – ABS(ARD)
S. Shankar Ganesh AO – BP (CO) V.Lalitha,JTO(MBM)
Durga Ramdoss SDE- TXM (HRD) R. Vasantha, SDE TXM (KKN)
E.Saraswathy JTO- (AMB) V. Chandramouli, AGM –BS (KKRD)
S. Arumugam SDE BBS (I&M) E. Revathidevi JTO -BBS
Chairman :  S. Shiva Kumar SDE -FS(Circle) Convenor :B. Manjunath SDE -BS(CO)
Vice Chairman : S.Ayyappan SDE – CEC(M) Dy.Convenor : P. Anandhi AGM – CEC
S.Appavoo,SDE-BS(ARD)  S.Sundaresan ,DGM(EB)
S.Baranidharan,SDE-BS(GSM) V.Jayanthi SDE-Civil(Taylors Rd)
Raby  SDE-BP(HBR) Majo P John, SDE AVD
M.Sathiskumar SDE- TXM(KAR) K. Balaji JAO -FS (CSC)
P.Dayalan SDE- BS (CHR) K.K. Meenakshi SDE – EX.FS (RKN)
Uma Rammohan AGM (SP) Mythili Jayakumar PS – FS ANR
N.M.Pandian SDE-CEC(M) B. Gopalakrishnan,JTO-HRD
Chairman :  V.Ulaganathan,SDE-VP(Circle) Convenor : S. ELANGO SDE – OS (CENTRAL)
Vice Chairman : A.S. Srinivasan AO – CWC (M) Dy.Convenor : P.Suresh,JAO-AFS(Circle)
N. Mahesh JAO- FS(SBA) M.Vasanthakumari CAO BD
N. Badrinath,SDE-PO V. Muthusamy DE – EX BP (HBR)
K. Baskar JAO – CEC (M)  E.Sekaran,JAO -ABS(WBA)
N.Ramachandran DE (PON) R. Manivanan SDE – BS (HBR)
M.Ramanathan JAO NE-III Leelamma Roy SDE (KOD)
M.Veerammal JTO-NIB(KKN) V.Girishkumar SDE-GSM(RKN)
B.Jayakumar JTO- FS (HBR) S.Arul selvam JTO NIB(KKN)
Chairman : K.Rajnarayanan JAO- ACS Convenor : P. Ramalingam SDE – BS (AMB)
Vice Chairman : J. Nambi Nachiyar SDE – CEC Dy.Convenor 1 : K. Prema JAO – FS (NBA)
Vice Chairman : N. Indumathi,SDE-VP (CHR) Dy.Convenor 2 : R MuthulakshmiSDE – AFS(NBA)
T.T.Anandhi SDE-FS(RTTC) D. Kalaivani AO (COBA)
S.Venkatesan,SDE-BS(ADY) A. Vallikannu SDE (ARD)
B. Thirunavukarasu,SDE-CEC (M) A. Selvi SDE-AFS(DTTC)
A. Venkatesan, AO (Vig) Leena Banerjee AO (COBA)
R.Udhayachandrika SDE (KKN) Usha Renganathan SDE HRD
K.M.Ponnammal SDE (POR) S. Vasumathy SDE CHR
V.Tamilmathi SDE (POR) P.Muralikrishna JTO TXM(MMN)
Chairman : D.Sridharan DGM-BS(RTTC&DTTC) Convenor :  B.Nagarajan DE-OS (South)
Vice Chairman1: R.Krishnan SDE-ACS Dy.Convenor1 : S.Jayakumar SDE-ACS
Vice Chairman2: V.Kalyani DGM-BP(CHR) Dy.Convenor2 : R. Kannan JAO-FS(KKN)
J.Padma DGM(F)-BP[SBA] R.Pagalavan SDE-BP(ANR)
V.Girija DGM(F)-BP(KOD) M. Neduvel Annal DE – BP (MAM)
R. Selvakumar CAO  – BP (CSC & CA) A.Kannan DE- Ex BS(CHR)
V.Ramesh DE-Ex BS(KKRd) S. Lakshminarayanan JAO-AFS(SBA)
R.Manimozhi,CO- ( EB) R.Sivasubramanian,SDE(Elec)
C.Malarchelvi SDE-AFS(HRD) V.S. Chokkalingam SDE RKN
Latha Ramachandran DE – FS (RKN) B. Anuradha AO-TR (SE)

06-12-2017: CS, Appeal to Members for forthcoming Circle Conference…



AIBSNLEA/ChTD/2017-18/ Circle-Conf /01        date: 06-12-2017

 My beloved Comrades,

On behalf of the Circle Office Bearers and on my personal behalf, I thank one and all for your active involvement in the Cultural Event organized by us on 18-11-2017 in view of the ensuing 6th Circle Conference. Though it was a highly submissive beginning, we could organise an unexpected crowd at the venue for which even the Drama –Troup themselves expressed their extreme satisfaction.

Coming back to the point, you are aware that our 6rd Circle Conference is scheduled to be conducted on the 19th & 20th of December 2017 and as per the convention of AIBSNLEA-ChTD, I have constituted various committees to oversee the preparations and make the conference a grand and memorable event. (see Annexure).

Comrades, after a long stint as Circle Office Bearers, myself and most of my fellow comrades in the previous body will not be available for the services to the Association as Office Bearers for the next term as per our Constitution as well as in line with BSNL REA Norms. However, our support and advice for this great organisation will continue forever. In this backdrop, the Circle Conference later this month assumes greater significance since  the  new set up has to face a series of formidable task  viz  E2-E3,CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, 3rd PRC and etc., on which only our AIBSNLEA has got a clear and acceptable vision as compared to the so called majority Association.

I hope each one of you will involve yourself with the same spirit and dedication exhibited during our MVP which made AIBSNLEA to have a resounding victory and ensure a smooth completion of our Circle Conference.

Your’s Comradely,



Committee formation list will publish very soon..


05-12-2017: Org.Secretary (south) CHQ has addressed in all unions & Association meeting at Flower Bazaar on 5/12/17 at 15 hrs….

Speech of Com.P.Udyasuriyan, OS(South), AIBSNLEA at Chennai Meeting on 5.12.2017

BSNL Board has recommended 3rd PRC with 15 % fitment benefits  and forwarded to the Secretary, DOT on 13.11.2017 for approval and issuance of Presidential Orders.

But the Officers sitting in the helm of affairs in DOT are written so many queries and stating that the BSNL is becoming Sick and Loss making PSU. They also intimated our Leaders during discussion that the Revenue and Operating  Profit of BSNL is in decline trend in the current Financial Year 2017-18 and no budgetary support will be given by the DOT to BSNL in this regard.  “Our Leaders  requested Additional Secretary DOT to consider payment of pension contribution on actual basic instead of maximum of the pay scales.

AST mentioned that the BSNL’s proposal in this regard was considered and decided that DoT can not recommend payment of pension contribution on actual basic instead of maximum of the pay scale to DoE in view of the fact the pension contribution paid by BSNL for their employees is on different substantive grade pay scales and thereafter the employee is being retired in higher scale. So initially the pension contribution was paid in lesser amount to DoT as per the lower scale. Our Leader further pleaded that the 6th CPC in the year 2006 had recommended Pension contribution to be taken on actual basic pay of the employee. In view of that, it should be considered on actual basic but AST was firm on his decision”

BSNL CMD and our Association Leaders have written so many letters in this regard to Secretary, Expenditure since our 3rd PRC commitment can be managed from the excess amount of Pension Contribution paid to DOT to the tune of Rs.2000 Cr. from 1.1.2017 on wards.

BSNL is not getting any financial support from the Govt. and regulating the tariffs in Telecom Sector of the country. BSNL has paid more than Rs. 2 lakh Crores to the Govt. in terms of license fee, taxes dividend etc after its inception. Against the notional loan of Rs. 7500 Crores, BSNL has paid Rs.14,000 Crores as interest  @ 14.5% to DoT. After its formation, BSNL has never been given any financial support by the Govt. rather BSNL is implementing Govt. prestigious projects for example NOFN, NFS, LWE, etc. without getting much profit. In 3rd Pay Revision Committee   report some relaxation in the affordability clause to some specific PSUs have been recommended.

Our demand is BSNL is also to be exempted from affordability clause since as per the Para 5 of the 3rd PRC committee recommendations and as per the Telecom Policy 1999,  BSNL has been formed to meet out the specific agenda  of Government of India. i.e. providing Telecom Services without any budgetary support and BSNL is paying License Fee, Spectrum charges, and other charges  as per the order of the Government of India from time to time deviating to the agreed principles on 01/10/2000.

BSNL which was making profit earlier has gone at loss due to wrong policies of the Government of India and it now started turning around due to combined efforts of Employees and Management

Due to the Combined efforts of the Employees and Management BSNL Operating profit increased by six fold jump i.e., from Rs.672 crore in the preceding year to Rs.3855 crore in 2015-16.  We urged our Members to take the responsibility of the journey.  It is the time to remain all the Unions and Associations unite and make the BSNL to regain its original glory and continue to process of revival. 

So as to impress upon and pressurise the DOT and Govt.of India,  all the BSNL Unions and Associations come together and announced a Clarian Call for the Conduct of two days strike on 12th & 13th  December’2017  to get implemented the 3rd PRC report in BSNL with 15% fitment benefit and  to stop the formation subsidiary Tower Company . Hence I request all Comrades on behalf of AIBSNLEA to keep aside all the differences at this crucial juncture and to conduct the Strike with 100 %  participation.


01-12-17 CHQ News Meeting with PGM (Pers.) to discuss the CPSU Cadre Hierarchy proposal:

CHQ News on 15-11-2017:

GS, President, AGS (HQ), AGS (Fin), and AGS (DR) had meeting with PGM (Pers.) on CPSU cadre hierarchy. The meeting was scheduled as per direction of the Management Committee of BSNL Board. GM (SR), Jt. GM (Pers) and DGM (Pers-II) were also present in the meeting.  AIBSNLEA submitted its detailed Para wise response to the draft policy approved by BSNL Management committee.

PGM (Pers) had apprised that purpose of the MC‘s direction to discuss with associations to make policy more employee and organization centric. He requested that AIBSNLEA should support the policy to break the stalemate in the promotions of executives in BSNL.

AIBSNLEA made it clear that we are never against the CPSU hierarchy rather we have been demanding it to implement in the true sense and as per Khan Committee recommendations.  We further clarified that our suggestions are to safe guard the interest of the entire executives and it will give value additions to it. In view of this Pers. Cell should carefully go through our views / suggestions with open mind without any prejudice. Then point by point discussion was held. 

While discussion, we strongly  opposed the MT recruitment, ignorance of  the weightage to seniority, reduction of sanctioned strength, increase in eligibility condition from of 7 to 12 years for the promotion of SDE/AO to DE /AGM/CAO, Time bound promotion in SG-JAG grade should be in E7 instead of E6 etc.

PGM (Pers) appreciated our concern in this regard and impress upon to consider MT Recruitment to full-fill the management requirement immediately but we categorically told that AIBSNLEA is firm on its stand and will not accept MT Recruitment at STS level which will block the career progression of executives. Today the meeting started at 15.00 hrs as per the schedule and continued till 18.00 hrs thereafter, PGM (Pers.) mentioned that he will study the submissions made by AIBSNLEA point by point and thereafter he will discuss the matter with AIBSNLEA again on 22nd and 23rd Nov, 2017.

<<Click here for AIBSNLEA proposal>>