30-01-2018 COB members met DGM FC/FC Team and taken up Finance wing issues

CS along with Circle President, VP Com.N.Mahesh & ACS Com.K. Rajnarayanan met the FC Team today in continuation of our meeting with GM-Finance on 11-01-2018 and as proposed earlier by us submitted our views on various issues concerning Finance wing in particular. The discussion was elaborate and the DGM-FC & her Team assured to appraise our views to GM-Finance upon his return to Chennai.

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29-01-2018 CS, FS & CWC Member met CGM and submitted points for improvement of service

CS, FS & CWC Member Com.B.Ganesan (DGM-NE) met our CGM on 29th January 2018 and submitted our views on improvement of services and on HR aspect.  The CGM after discussing the issues explained in the letter responded positively on implementation of certain points that are beneficial to BSNL-Chennai Telephones. 

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Circle Secretary along with Com.V.Gurumurthy FS, Com. K. Rajnarayanan ACS  attended the Republic Day celebrations in CGM-Office Complex on 26-01-2018.  It was a festive mood and an occasion  to see a good number of our comrades receiving award for the best performance from our respectful CGM. 

Our CS in his speech reaffirmed to our CGM on AIBSNLEA’S dedication to ensure improved performance in the next two months so that our CHTD becomes net positive this Financial year also. CS further requested CGM to reintroduce the concept of CRM in the Areas so that Corporate Customers are taken care of in a still better way. It was also insisted on the need to fine tune the FTTH provisioning and maintenance procedures so that the main source of our  Revenue namely the BB Customers are kept intact.

AIBSNLEA Congratulates all Award winners. Keep working hard and motivate others also.034c25a5-76ea-4db0-8b7d-227a43273f24.jpg


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24-01-2018: COB meeting at O/o GM South, Guindy

As announced earlier, the COB meeting was held at o/o the GM-South Guindy at 19.00 Hrs after the completion of Guindy Branch AGB. All the COBs who were present in the AGB extended their stay and participated in the discussion pertaining to the proposed Agitation programme starting from 30-01-2018. After getting the report from the CS on the AUA-CS meeting held on 22-01-2018, the COB decided to ensure complete participation of our members in the work according to rule programme.

As regards the Satyagraha program, it has been decided that the designated COBs (to be informed by the CS individually) and the respective Area members where the Satyagraha is being held as detailed below will participate so that this will ensure the involvement of all our Executives across Chennai over the five day period.  






Flower Bazaar Telephone Exchange complex



Anna Road Telephone Exchange Complex



o/o the GM-South Guindy



Kodambakkam Telephone Exchange complex



O/o The CGM-Chennai Telephones Purasawallkam.

The COB also discussed the Financial position of our Association and the need to ensure collection of pending 2017 Diary payments apart from speedy processing of this year Diary payments. It was also decided to complete the AGBs of various Branches due is any at the earliest.

24-01-2018: AGB Meeting of Guindy Branch

The AGB of AIBSNLEA-Guindy Branch was conducted at 17.00 Hrs in the GM-South office complex attended by our CP,CS,FS, V.P Com.Mahesh, ACS Com.Rajnarayanan,ACS Com.Elango,OS-North Com.P.Vijayasarathy, AS-West Com.Jagan, and CWC-Member Com.Suresh.

Com.p.Udayasuriyan our OS-S-CHQ was the special invitee and the whole meeting was nicely arranged by the outgoing Secretary Com.Mahesh.

The meeting was presided over by Com.Padma B-P (DGM-Finance) and after self introduction, interactive session was arranged in which useful points were deliberated and the questions raised by the members were answered by all the COBs during their speech. Our OS-South-CHQ Com.P.Udayasuriyan appreciated the involvement of Guindy Branch members in all the Association activities and advised the members on the need to strengthen the organisation further.

The following are the constituent of new body.

1 Branch President Sri.P.Senthil Kumar AO-TR 9444547686
2 Branch vice President Smt.Anna George AO-P&A 9446588595
3 Branch Secretary Sri.S.Lakshmi Naryanan JAO-TR 9444005848
4 Asst.Branch Secretary Sri.V.Ramakrishnan JAO-TR 9444792126
5 Finance Secretary Sri.R.Rajesh JAO – C&A 9445470548
6 Organising Secretary Smt.Parvathy Sridhar AO-Works 9445452999
7 E.C-Member-1 Smt.S.Kalyani JAO-TR 9445959525
8 E.C-Member-2 Sri.A.Subramaniam JAO-P&A 9445515008

Com.Smt.Nithya Madhavan AO-TR-SW, who is retiring on super annuation this month was also honoured in this meeting on behalf of our Association. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks from the new Branch Secretary Com.S.Lakshmi Narayanan.


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22-01-2018: Meeting with PGM-North on 22-01-2018

Our CS along with FS Com.V.Gurumurthy and ACS.Com.Ramalingam met Shri.V.Gunasekaran PGM-North at 11.30 Hrs in his chamber and discussed various issues pertaining to North Area in continuation of our earlier discussion on the same subject on 19-10-2017. Our OS-S-CHQ Com.P.Udayasuriyan also accompanied and introduced the new Team to PGM-North this being the first meeting of the new Office Bearers. OS-South CHQ apprised our PGM-North on the importance of the issues discussed earlier on 19-10-2017 some of which needs immediate intervention of PGM-North.

PGM-North assured that he is interacting with the Field DGMs to sort out the various points of contention and assured issuance of suitable directions to the concerned.

20-01-2018 AGB Meeting conducted at KK Nagar and Broadband Branches

Broadband Branch

             AGB meeting of Broadband branch was held at Mambalam Telephone Exchange on 19.01.2018 at 16:30 hrs. Com J. Badrinarayanan CS, Com P. Udayasuriyan OS(S) CHQ, Com R. Srinivasan Circle President, Com V.Gurumurthy Circle Fin Secretary along with Com K. Raj Narayanan ACS, Com N.Mahesh VP, Com B.Ganesan CWC Member, Com P.Jaganathan AS(W), Com B.M.Pandian AS(N), Com V.Raghuraman  CEC, Com G.Harikumar AS(S), Branch Office bearers and members attended the meeting. OS(S) CHQ was honoured with shawl by CS. Various branch issues were discussed and reports were submitted to CS. Our CS elaborated on the necessity of unity among members and future organisational activities of AIBSNLEA CHTD.

      OS(South) Com P. Udayasuriyan Ex.DGM BBS on his speech pointed out that BB(I&M) unit has always performed very well and worked as a Team. The meeting has turned out as a home gathering for the Ex.CS/Ex DE BB(I&M) and comrade shared the good memories of dedication shown by BB(I&M) officers. Comrade, appreciated the officers of BB(I&M) unit for the excellence shown in work.

      Also OS expressed his sincere thanks to Com K. Jayanthi Branch President BB MBM and Com.K.I. Ajith for giving immense support at the time of Membership verification and GS visit to Chennai. OS(S) CHQ, told that even at the absence of Circle President and sudden demise of Circle Fin Secretary, during the time of MVP Com.K.Jayanthi & Com.K.I. Ajith  had helped him in scheduling programs of CS, data collection and compilation, pamphlet preparation,timely updation of contents in website etc in non office timings also. Marvelous support by Com.K. Jayanthi was appreciated by OS(South) CHQ.    

      OS(S) CHQ thanked all officers of BB(I&M) whose team work had helped Ex. DGM BBS to achieve award of appreciation from CMD, BSNL for MNG PAN rollout at All India Level. OS requested all the members to continue the same spirit  towards work and Association activities to bring AIBSNLEA  always number ONE.

Existing branch body was dissolved and new office bearers were nominated.

New Branch Office Bearers list of Broadband branch follows:


Sl No

Post Name



Branch President Com C.Rameshkumar SDE BB(I&M) North


Branch Secretary Com C.Rajendiran

JTO BB(I&M) Central

3 Branch Finance Secretary Com K.I Ajith

JTO BB(I&M) Mambalam

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KK Nagar Branch

KK Nagar Branch AGB Meeting was held on 17.01.2018 at 16:30 hrs in KK Nagar Telephone Exchange. Our beloved OS(South) CHQ Com. P. Udayasuriyan, Circle President Com R. Srinivasan, CS Com J.Badrinarayanan, Circle FS Com V. Gurumurthy,  Circle Office bearers and members were present. OS(S) CHQ and CS addressed and explained the current status of 3rd PRC and upcoming organisation activities of AIBSNLEA CHTD. Several issues at branch level were discussed and report was submitted to our CS. After dissolving the existing Branch Office Bearers, new office bearers are unanimously elected.

New Branch Office Bearers list of KK Nagar branch follows:

Sl No

Post Name Designation


Branch President Com P. Rajagopal DE Bldg P&AC


Branch Vice President Com S.Arul Selvan JTO BB Mtce
3 Branch Secretary Com S.Vinod Kumar


4 Branch Finance Secretary Com R.Kannan JAO CBC
5 Branch CEC Member Com C.J Muralikrishnan


6 Branch CEC Member Com Shanthi Rajasekharan


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16-01-2018 AGB Meeting of KK Nagar& Broadband branch

KK Nagar Branch

Annual General Body Meeting of AIBSNLEA KK Nagar Branch will be conducted on 17-01-2018 (Wednesday) at 16:30 Hrs at 1st Floor, KK Nagar Tele Exg. Circle Secretary and OS(South) CHQ will be attending the meeting.

Broadband Branch

Annual General Body Meeting of AIBSNLEA Broadband Branch will be conducted on 19-01-2018 (Friday) at 16:30 Hrs at Mambalam TE. Circle Secretary will attend the meeting and OS(South) CHQ will attend the meeting on special invitation from BB branch.

11-01-2018: CS and Team met with Sr.GM (Fin) & GM(HR&Admn)..

10-01-2018: Our CS Com.J.Badrinarayanan and Fin.Secretary Com.V.Gurumurthy , along with ACS Com.K.Rajnarayanan, ACS Com.S.Jaikumar addressed a meeting of the newly Recruited JTOs [Through GATE]undergoing Training at RTTC-MMNagar on 10-01-2018 at Lunch hour. After welcoming the Officers in to this great Company BSNL, we have explained the Trainees about the traces of our Company right from yester years and its present performance. AIBSNLEA insisted & advised the young entrants on the need to concentrate for our  Company’s Growth that only will ensure bright future. AIBSNLEA also assured them all possible help for a happy stay at Chennai Telephones District Area.


 Our CS along with CP & ACS (Accounts) met Sr.GM-Finance and discussed the following issues. During the discussion, DGM-FC & CAO-FC were also present.

  1. Shortage arising out of Transfer of six Accounts Officers from ChTD.

  2. Deployments of officers after proper work study since about Thirteen Accounts Officers are to retire shortly within a span of six months.

  3. Certain specific request Transfers in AO & JAO Cadre.

  4. Increasing the Ty.Advance amount from the present Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 without Legacy.

  5. We also impressed the Sr.GM-Finance on the need to meet the staff shortage by way of engaging Retired staff or through Apprenticeship.

  6. On informing that the pending medical bills were cleared by our JAOs during Sundays and Holidays, our Sr.GM-Finance asked us to convey his appreciation and congratulations to all concerned.

Our Sr.GM-Finance and his Team listened our views with due care and we informed  that a comprehensive report will be submitted to the Management by us shortly after which the Administration can take a considered view on our submission if found feasible. Our Sr.GM-Finance was very much optimistic about our proposals and directed the officers concerned to wait for the details from us before taking any further decision.   On the issue of recruitment of two JAOs, the Sr.GM-Finance directed us to take up the case with the Establishment Section.

Later on we met DGM (HR & ADMN) on this specific case, who advised us to interact with AGM- Establishment and we obtained the details from AGM-Estt and assured that the required clarification from the University will be obtained by us at the earliest.

Finally, we also met the GM (HR&ADMN) and apprised him of the development on JAO Recruitment and we also requested the GM (HR&ADMN) to consider request transfer cases of our comrades in various cadres at the appropriate time.                                                     ************************************************